Danny Clyburn homered off some great pitchers

Former major-leaguer Danny Clyburn, who sadly died yesterday, hit only 4 major-league homers, but he hit them off some really good pitchers:

1998 HRs Date @Bat Pitcher Score Inn Out Pit(cnt) RBI WPA Play Description
1 1998-09-25 BAL @ BOS Tim Wakefield behind 0-4 t 4 2 5,(1-2)  1 0.055 Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line)
1999 HRs Date @Bat Pitcher Score Inn Out Pit(cnt) RBI WPA Play Description
2 1999-04-11 TBD BOS Derek Lowe tied 4-4 b 8 2 3,(1-1)  1 0.298 Home Run (Fly Ball)
3 1999-04-17 TBD @ BOS Mark Portugal behind 0-4 t 4 1 1,(0-0)  1 0.059 Home Run (Line Drive)
4 1999-05-08 TBD @ CLE Mark Langston ahead 5-2 t 5 0 2,(1-0)  1 0.063 Home Run (Fly Ball)
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Three of his four homers came against the Red Sox, and all 4 pitchers were good.

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Not a lot of guys that play in the AL East for a few years get by me, but I had never heard of Danny before this. Sounds like Red Sox fans would remember him.

Considering he wasn’t even 40, I am sure whatever the story is behind his passing is very sad.

Evil Squirrel

The name registered with my memory, but I’d have had no idea when he played or who he had played for. Looking at his player page, two other things did trigger my memory…

1. I remember Jacob Brumfield being sent from the Reds to the Pirates during the strike. Had no idea he went the other way in that trade…

2. I hadn’t thought of Pep Harris in over a decade….

Always sad to read something like this. He was only a year older than me…


3 of his 4 homers were at Fenway –

I am betteing there is no Away player with as many career homers as Clyburn that has a higher percentage of their career dingers at the historic park.


oh crap only 2 were at Fenway – still a good pct.