In the second installment of 5-year WAR leaders since 1961, this post looks at players in outfield and DH positions. The methodology is to determine bWAR leaders for each year based on cumulative 5-year bWAR ending in that year. To qualify for the leader board, players must play 75% of their games in the period at the indicated position.

So, here are the 5-year WAR leaders. Scroll through the list or search for specific players or years using the Search bar.

5 Years EndingLFCFRFDH
1961Minnie Minoso 22.0Mickey Mantle 47.0Hank Aaron 41.5
1962Minnie Minoso 16.5Willie Mays 47.6Roger Maris 24.3
1963Minnie Minoso 9.6Willie Mays 47.4Hank Aaron 45.2
1964Billy Williams 12.6Willie Mays 50.1Hank Aaron 43.5
1965Billy Williams 19.5Willie Mays 51.4Hank Aaron 42.1
1966Carl Yastrzemski 21.8Willie Mays 50.7Hank Aaron 40.0
1967Carl Yastrzemski 30.3Willie Mays 44.4Hank Aaron 39.4
1968Carl Yastrzemski 34.2Willie Mays 40.8Roberto Clemente 35.5
1969Carl Yastrzemski 35.6Willie Mays 34.0Hank Aaron 36.3
1970Carl Yastrzemski 40.6Jim Wynn 28.3Roberto Clemente 35.2
1971Carl Yastrzemski 40.1Willie Mays 25.8Roberto Clemente 35.0
1972Carl Yastrzemski 30.6Willie Mays 23.3Roberto Clemente 31.2
1973Willie Stargell 27.6Bobby Murcer 25.4Reggie Jackson 32.2
1974Willie Stargell 28.3Bobby Murcer 24.7Reggie Jackson 29.2
1975Roy White 20.7Cesar Cedeno 28.2Reggie Jackson 28.6
1976Joe Rudi 19.6Cesar Cedeno 32.5Reggie Jackson 31.8
1977Roy White 17.1Cesar Cedeno 28.9Reggie Jackson 30.3Frank Robinson 9.5
1978Greg Luzinski 17.3Cesar Cedeno 23.5Reggie Jackson 25.9Rico Carty 10.9
1979George Foster 28.1Fred Lynn 24.7Dave Parker 30.1Rico Carty 10.1
1980George Foster 27.3Fred Lynn 21.8Dave Winfield 26.2Hal McRae 15.6
1981George Foster 25.3Andre Dawson 24.7Dave Winfield 23.5Hal McRae 10.1
1982Willie Wilson 24.1Andre Dawson 28.2Dwight Evans 21.4Hal McRae 9.6
1983Rickey Henderson 29.2Andre Dawson 30.6Jack Clark 19.5Hal McRae 9.8
1984Rickey Henderson 36.7Andre Dawson 29.3Dwight Evans 21.0Hal McRae 8.9
1985Rickey Henderson 38.1Dale Murphy 25.7Dwight Evans 22.2Don Baylor 9.1
1986Jose Cruz 20.0Dale Murphy 25.4Tony Gwynn 20.9Don Baylor 9.8
1987Tim Raines 30.7Dale Murphy 26.6Tony Gwynn 27.7Don Baylor 10.1
1988Tim Raines 28.3Brett Butler 22.9Tony Gwynn 28.9Don Baylor 5.9
1989Tim Raines 26.6Kirby Puckett 23.0Darryl Strawberry 25.7Don Baylor 2.8
1990Barry Bonds 31.9Kirby Puckett 23.2Darryl Strawberry 27.4Don Baylor 2.1
1991Barry Bonds 37.3Andy Van Slyke 23.1Darryl Strawberry 27.3Brian Downing 13.5
1992Barry Bonds 41.9Andy Van Slyke 24.8Jose Canseco 23.5Brian Downing 12.2
1993Barry Bonds 46.3Ken Griffey 28.6Tony Gwynn 18.0Harold Baines 10.8
1994Barry Bonds 45.0Ken Griffey 32.4Larry Walker 19.4Chili Davis 8.8
1995Barry Bonds 42.6Ken Griffey 31.3Larry Walker 20.3Paul Molitor 21.2
1996Barry Bonds 45.1Ken Griffey 33.7David Justice 19.6Paul Molitor 18.5
1997Barry Bonds 43.9Ken Griffey 37.7Larry Walker 22.5Edgar Martinez 23.1
1998Barry Bonds 42.6Ken Griffey 35.3Sammy Sosa 23.3Edgar Martinez 28.0
1999Barry Bonds 40.2Ken Griffey 33.5Sammy Sosa 24.9Edgar Martinez 29.7
2000Barry Bonds 41.6Ken Griffey 35.8Sammy Sosa 25.4Edgar Martinez 27.7
2001Barry Bonds 43.3Andruw Jones 30.1Sammy Sosa 30.9Edgar Martinez 27.0
2002Barry Bonds 46.7Andruw Jones 33.0Sammy Sosa 34.0Edgar Martinez 23.6
2003Barry Bonds 46.7Andruw Jones 30.9Sammy Sosa 30.6Edgar Martinez 22.1
2004Barry Bonds 56.1Jim Edmonds 36.1Vladimir Guerrero 27.9Edgar Martinez 16.8
2005Barry Bonds 47.8Jim Edmonds 36.1Ichiro Suzuki 29.9David Ortiz 13.6
2006Barry Bonds 39.9Jim Edmonds 31.3Vladimir Guerrero 27.0David Ortiz 19.0
2007Barry Bonds 31.0Carlos Beltran 28.3Vladimir Guerrero 26.0David Ortiz 23.8
2008Barry Bonds 20.7Carlos Beltran 27.7Vladimir Guerrero 24.4David Ortiz 22.0
2009Matt Holliday 19.6Grady Sizemore 27.4J.D. Drew 17.0David Ortiz 18.2
2010Matt Holliday 25.8Carlos Beltran 26.2Nick Markakis 17.8David Ortiz 15.9
2011Matt Holliday 26.1Curtis Granderson 22.6Jayson Werth 17.4David Ortiz 14.2


Barry Bonds was the LF leader his entire career, starting from his 5th year all the way through to the year after his retirement. Bonds’ WAR for that final year as leader really represented just 3 seasons as Bonds was injured almost all of the 2005 season. Even so, Bonds still managed 0.4 WAR in just 14 games that year.

WAR accumulation in RF has taken quite a hit in recent years. None of the last three 5-year leaders managed even 20 WAR over 5 years.

Qualifiers for DH under the 75% rule are fairly limited most years. Thus, Frank Robinson is the leader for the first 5 years, despite playing only four of those seasons, and playing regularly in only two. Similarly, Don Baylor remained the 5 year WAR leader 2 years after his retirement.

In the next installment are Pitchers and Catchers, plus the Overall 5 year WAR leaders among all position players.





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