The all-new baseball Stat Challenge, thanks to

I’m thrilled to account a major upcoming feature on High Heat Stats: an all-new version of the immensely popular Stat Challenge I ran a couple of years ago.

I stopped the old stat challenge because the bookkeeping was too difficult. This is where comes in to play–this new website is all set up for fantasy sports challenges, and each one lasts only a day. Click through for more info on how our Stat Challenge and work.

Back on the old blog, I ran a weekly stat challenge that asked users to make guesses at weekly stats. I then went through the painstaking process of tabulating scores (often making errors) and maintaining overall rankings. A lot of people were unhappy when I decided to end the challenge because it was too much work. is a fantasy sports player’s dream. They have tons of leagues, but each baseball one lasts for just one day. That’s right–you don’t need to log on every day and mess with your roster, and then take a nosedive if you forget to check in. Each of their contests is one day, and it’s really simple. Each player has a fantasy salary, and you get a salary cap from which to draft your team for that day. Then your players accumulate points based on performance for that day, and the entry with the most points wins.

As the baseball season gears up, I’ll be posting more information. Once the season starts, I’m going to be running lots of Stat Challenges through FanDuel. Most will be completely free for you to enter and participate in, but there will also be chances to win some actual money. I have a feeling that some members of our stats-heavy community will have a great shot at performing really well.

More to come on this in the next couple of weeks!

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Awesome. I look forward to it!

Insert Name Here

I’m a little confused by “free” challenges and “money” challenges. Does this mean you can only win actual money if you fork over some before you play? Even if so, this sounds fun. More importantly, though, do I have to have an account at FanDuel to play, even if it’s a free, no-cash-prize game?

John Autin

The MLBPA has asked me never again to participate in fantasy baseball. They’re tired of seeing everyone get hurt the moment I draft them. 🙂


In 2004 I was certain that I had drafted a team that would finally bring me another championship after about 15 years in my hard core, mixed league fantasy league- especially since I had Roy Halladay to anchor my pitching staff.

I’m pretty certain that if I had been alive in the ’30’s and they had such a thing as fantasy baseball back then I would have ended Lou Gehrig’s career a few years earlier…

Jeff Allen

Tag for later spending too much time on

Lawrence Azrin
RE: #14,15 above – “win total over under from a leading online SB”: Keep in mind that when on-line sportsbooks release predictions as above, they are not necessarily trying to predict the exact number of wins for each team. They are also trying to balance the betting line, so that the amount bet “above” the number they put out is about equal to the amount bet “below” the number. It’s the same with the point spreads for NFL games; if they say “team X is +7 over Team Y”, it’s not entirely that they think that Team X is indeed… Read more »

Very good point. We would have to know which side of the over/under the “smart” money is betting on…..they usually wait til the very end and swoop in and bet counter to what the general public is betting, if they see an advantage. Perhaps getting the insider info on what the smart money’s opinion on the issue is would be more helpful, but that doesn’t mean Timmy’s info wouldn’t still be fun to argue about.

Lawrence Azrin

Thanks, bstar. Just remember that the #1 priority of the sports books is to make money, not to make accurate predictions. They don’t care where the “center” is of a prediction, as long as people keep betting their money.


That being said, I’ll take what the Vegas experts have to say about a point spread in football more than I will what any panel of “football experts” you can parade in front of me say any day. The people who set the lines in sports betting are super whip-smart and really good at what they do. Otherwise they’d be out of a job.

Timmy Pea

Very well put bstar, as I said Vegas is where the rubber hits the road. There is nothing I hate worse than NFL analysts. So does anyone see anything that jumps out at them above? Let me say I’m not sure the Royals or Cubs do as well as expected. I think the Astros have a 2 in 3 chance of losing 100 games.

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