You probably know that if you type a search term into Google, it will give you a few autocomplete suggestions for that search, giving you an indication of the most popular searches done by the public.

Here’s an example:

If you type in Babe Ruth, Google suggests:

Babe Ruth stats
Babe Ruth quotes
Babe Ruth baseball

Makes sense, right? The three things people are most interested in right now are Ruth’s career stats, some of the colorful things he said, and a baseball associated with Babe Ruth. (This last one might be trending now because a Babe Ruth baseball was recently featured on an episode of White Collar.)

Here are results for some other players.

Barry Bonds stats
Barry Bonds trial
Barry Bonds steroids

Sammy Sosa skin
Sammy Sosa stats
Sammy Sosa white

Don Mattingly stats
Don Mattingly rookie card
Don Mattingly Hall of Fame

Manny Ramirez stats
Manny Ramirez news
Manny Ramirez comeback

Bud Selig salary
Bud Selig extension
Bud Selig net worth

Mickey Mantle quotes
Mickey Mantle stats
Mickey Mantle biography

Larry Bowa stats
Larry Bowa meltdown
Larry Bowa rookie card

Omar Vizquel baseball reference
Omar Vizquel hall of fame
Omar Vizquel 2012

Jose Canseco stats
Jose Canseco twitter
Jose Canseco Red Sox

Don Zimmer pedro
Don Zimmer Pedro Martinez
Don Zimmer fight

Pedro Martinez stats
Pedro Martinez and brothers foundation
Pedro Martinez jimmy fund

Robin Yount stats
Robin Yount rookie card
Robin Yount card value

George Brett pine tar
George Brett shits (seriously, because of the hilarious YouTube video)
George Brett stats

David Cone perfect game
David Cone stats
David Cone Hall of Fame

I could go on and on, but you get the idea…find any other interesting results?

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