Paul Konerko‘s 400th HR was a game-tying shot in the 9th inning on the first pitch from Grant Balfour.

It’s the 12th time a Konerko HR in the 9th inning or later has won or tied the game or put his team in front. That’s 3.0% of his career HRs.

What’s your gut feeling on how Konerko’s rate compares to those of contemporary sluggers? The answer is below the jump.

For all players with 300+ who were active in 2011, here is the percentage of their career HRs that came in the 9th inning or later and were winning, tying or go-ahead (“W/T/G”):

PlayerPct.Total HRW/T/G HR
Aramis Ramirez4.7%31615
Adam Dunn4.6%36917
Todd Helton4.6%35016
Jason Giambi4.4%42819
Andruw Jones4.3%42218
Carlos Beltran4.2%30713
David Ortiz4.2%38116
Carlos Lee4.1%34114
Derrek Lee3.9%33113
Adrian Beltre3.8%31312
Miguel Tejada3.6%30411
Albert Pujols3.6%44516
Chipper Jones3.5%45716
Vlad Guerrero3.3%44915
Alex Rodriguez3.3%63221
Scott Rolen3.2%30910
Alfonso Soriano3.2%34011
Jim Thome3.1%60419
Paul Konerko3.0%40012
Ivan Rodriguez2.9%3119
Manny Ramirez2.7%55515
Lance Berkman2.5%3589
Mark Teixeira2.2%3177



Believe it or not:  Mark Teixeira has never hit a game-ending HR, and Lance Berkman has just one. Teix has just 4 game-ending RBI in his career; since he joined the Yanks in 2009, they’ve had 23 game-ending RBI, just one by Teixeira.

During his Cardinals career, Albert Pujols hit 10 of the team’s 29 game-winning HRs, including 7 of their 15 in extra innings. Pujols and David Ortiz share the MLB lead with 10 game-winning HRs since 2001.

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