You got the last quiz in less than 10 comments, so this one is tougher.

The pitchers in this quiz have done something that has happened in the AL only 13 times since 1930. That something is an event within a game.

The common thread connecting these pitchers is related to a career milestone most recently achieved in the 2011 season.

The list of pitchers is after the jump. What did these pitchers do?

The quiz has been solved in 82 minutes. The listed pitchers are those who, in an AL game since 1930, have surrendered the final career hit to a member of the 3000 hit club.

Congratulations to Topper009! And, honorable mention to stealofhome who was right on Topper’s heels.

Dave Roberts  Hank Aaron
Bud Anderson Carl Yastrzemski
Doug Jones Paul Molitor
Danny MacFayden Eddie Collins
Frank Castillo Cal Ripken
Tom Henke George Brett
Jug Thesenga Paul Waner
Dave Stewart Robin Yount
Melvin Bunch Dave Winfield
Dave Schmidt Rod Carew
Joe Blanton Rafael Palmeiro
Sean Lowe Wade Boggs
Jim Palmer Al Kaline

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