Here’s a quick look at how much Albert Pujols’ performance has cost over his career.

Over his 11 years in St. Louis, Pujols earned $104,040,436 in base salary, and that includes salaries under $1 million in each of his first 3 seasons.

Looking at his career numbers with the Cardinals, they paid Pujols:

$13,800 per plate appearance
$80,000 per run scored
$49,700 per hit
$233,800 per HR
$78,800 per RBI

So far in Anaheim, the Angels have played 28 of their 162 games this season. That means that Pujols has earned $2,074,074 of his $12 million salary for 2012. (We’re doing this as charitably as possible–if we took a prorated portion of his entire $240 million, 10-year contract, the number would be double that.

Anyway, given the Phat Boy’s performance so far this season, here are what the Angels have paid for his performance to date:

$18,200 per plate appearance
$230,500 per run scored
$98,800 per hit
(Undefined) per HR
$414,800 per RBI

The differential in cost per PA is an interesting place to start, as it suggests that the Angels are paying about a 30% premium for Pujols, at least compared to the rate that the Cardinals paid him for his entire career. That sounds about right to me, especially considering that Pujols’ arbitration years are included in the St. Louis calculation.

Beyond that, the Angels are paying about twice as much per hit, three times as much per run scored, five times as much per RBI, and an infinite amount more per home run.

If Pujols had 1 homer so far, the Angels would have paid the full $2,074,074 for that homer, still about 9 times more than what the Cardinals paid him per homer.

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