The unremarkably remarkable career of DeWayne Wise

DeWayne Wise is 34 years old. He’s played for 6 teams over 10 years, has never had as many as 200 plate appearances in a season, and has an abysmal 62 OPS+.

And yet, for a guy whose baseball card tells a truly unremarkable story, the guy has been involved in quite a few memorable events:

Taken separately, none of these 3 things is all that unusual. Put together, though, and Wise is going to be remembered far longer than most other players with similar numbers.


The unremarkably remarkable career of DeWayne Wise — 9 Comments

  1. Reminds me of Eric Bruntlet. 65 OPS+ and 238 PAs one season but never over 200 again.

    Of his three postseason hits one is a World Series HR.
    He has a World Series ring from that 2008 Series with the Phils.
    His jersey is in the Hall of Fame for his unassisted triple play.

    Even if you aren’t great you can still have great moments.

  2. I’ve always wondered how this guy keeps getting an MLB job. Then the Yankees start him and he goes 3-3 with 1b, 2b and hr.

  3. Wise keeps a job because (not that I’ve looked at the numbers) he can give a regular OF a blow every so often and allows you to bring a guy to replace your crappiest OF late in the game. In the old MLB, before 18-member bullpens, a Wise was a decent and useful 4th/5th OF. Play some D, pinch-run, swipe a bag…

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