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HHS reader with the moniker “Insert Name Here” was lamenting that a recent quiz was too easy, and was pining for something really challenging as in days past. So, just for INH, here’s something a bit harder.

The 12 players in this quiz have achieved a hitting feat related to the television series Seinfeld. This has been accomplished only 13 times in the game-searchable era, so one of the twelve has done it twice.

Can you figure out what that accomplishment might be?

Click on the link below to see the list of players and get started on your sleuthing.

Congratulations to Richard Chester! He identified that these are the only players since 1918 to compile a 0-0-0-0 box score line in a game with 5 or more PAs. Like Seinfeld, a game about “nothing” (at least as far as the box score is concerned).

So, here  they are – some all-time greats, other top stars, and some other guys. So what has each of them achieved that no other player has ever done?

Have fun.


44 thoughts on “Quiz – Seinfeld hitters

  1. 1
    Dalton M says:

    Not sure, but I’m willing to bet they were all sponge-worthy

  2. 2
    DaveR says:

    They all hit yada yada yada, and had bisque.

  3. 3
    Bix says:

    Scoring on a triple and an error (and not an inside-the-park homerun), a la Paul O’Neill in the birthday card episode?

  4. 4
    Bix says:

    (Perhaps while also hitting another homer in the same game).

  5. 7
    Richard Chester says:

    Does it have something to do with getting 5 BB in a game?

  6. 9
    Vinnie says:

    Five walks without scoring a run.

  7. 10
    Vinnie says:

    Or having another at bat. All zeros plus five walks.

  8. 13
    Doug says:

    Definitely on the right track with the 5 walks. But, that’s not it.

    Remember the Seinfeld clue.

  9. 15
    Richard Chester says:

    They had 5 PA and 0 AB.

  10. 19
    Jason Z says:

    Were they all wearing cotton uniforms during there five walk games?

    It is a natural fiber.

  11. 20
    Josh says:

    Did they also score the winning run?

  12. 22
    Doug says:

    Richard Chester has solved the quiz.

    The players in this quiz had a Seinfeld-like “nothing” to show in the box score for their efforts when they compiled a 0-0-0-0 box score line in 5 or more PAs.

    Here are the games: http://bbref.com/pi/shareit/cONsj

    So, tell me Richard, how did you “zero in” on the solution?

    • 25
      Richard Chester says:

      I remembered that Hersh Martin is one of a bunch of Yankees with 5 walks in a game. That set the whole thing in motion. When you mentioned that there were 60 players with 5 PA and 0 AB, I went to the PI and got those 60 players. Then I sorted by each column in ascending and descending orders. When I sorted by R in ascending order I saw 14 lines with 0 runs, the 13 from your list plus one other, I forgot who. This other player was the only one with an RBI. I knew nothing about the Seinfeld connection.

      If you want to stump me don’t ask questions involving Yankees.

      • 30
        Doug says:


        Interesting that it was Hersh Martin that triggered this for you. Same for me. The game that Hersh got those 5 walks was also the game that Paul Waner got his final career hit (I was researching those games for an earlier quiz). That 0-0-0-0 box score line really jumped out at me. It came to mind again with discussion in various threads about unusual box score lines.

        Now that you’ve thrown down the gauntlet, I’ll have to come up with a Yankees quiz that does stump you. But, that may take a while.

      • 43
        nightfly says:

        It might be difficult to come up with quizzes that don’t involve the Yankees. They’ve been around for a while with a reasonable track record.

        Maybe NL-only quizzes…

  13. 23
    Larry says:

    Do intentional walks enter into th picture?

  14. 24
    Larry says:

    IIRC, bases loaded intentional walks have been very rare – I think less than 10 times in MLB history

    • 26
      Richard Chester says:

      I know of 3 bases loaded intentional walks. They are Nap Lajoie on 5-23-01, Bill Nicholson on 7-23-44 and Mel Ott on 10-5-29. Actually Ott’s was a semi-intentional walk. It occurred in the final game of the year for the Phils who were playing Ott’s Giants. Going into that game Chuck Klein was leading the NL in HR with 43 to Ott’s 42. After Ott got a hit in his first AB Phils manager Burt Shotton ordered his pithers to issue semi-intentional walks to Ott regardless of how many runners were on base. Ott received 5 walks in all. The Giants had one more game after that. Ott led off but failed to hit a HR.

      • 27
        Mike L says:

        Richard, I have a distinct memory of reading an interview with Tom Seaver in which he said that in almost all circumstances, there was always an open base if the hitter were dangerous enough, even if that meant a base loaded intentional walk. I think what he meant was not giving in to certain hitters and giving up an “unintentional intentional walk”

        BTW,if anyone is interested, I found this http://www.baseball-reference.com/blog/archives/237 from 2007, by Sean, with stunningly insightful comment by Andy

      • 38
        Jason Z says:

        I am semi surprised that Barry Bonds was never walked intentionally with the bases loaded. Especially when
        he was loaded on cattle steroids.

        • 40
          Doug says:

          Actually, Bonds did have one bases-loaded IBB, on May 28, 1998 against Arizona. Snakes were leading 8-6 in the bottom of the 9th.

          Only other time (according to P-I) since 1955 was Josh Hamilton on Aug 17, 2008 against Tampa Bay, also in bottom of 9th, also trailing, this time by 7-3 count.

          • 42
            Richard Chester says:

            My PI search went back to 1948. There were no intentional bases-loaded walks between 1948 and 1954.

  15. 28
    Dan says:

    I read about Toby Harrah having a “do-nothing” accomplishment on defense as a SS with the Rangers in the early-mid 70s. As a SS he had no chances or putouts in either a game or a doubleheader with the Texas franchise.

  16. 29
    John Autin says:

    They all despised Keith Hernandez?

    Each one caught a fly ball in his cap?

    They had no pitching, hitting, defense, speed or leaders, but you had to like their chances?

    (Dang, I wish I’d got here sooner. Had no shot at the quiz, though.)

  17. 35
    brp says:

    But how many of them ate a candy bar with a knife and fork?

    • 36
      Lawrence Azrin says:

      Are you pushing George Costanza for the MLB HOF? What’s his WAR-FOG (Wins Above Replacement-Front Office Guy)?

      • 37
        Jason Z says:

        We could ask George himself, only he is sleeping under his desk. Big lunch at Paisano’s. Those calzone’s are huge.

        • 39
          Lawrence Azrin says:

          Were the calzones with cheese, pepperoni and eggplant? How is George going to get all the Yankees autographs on the birthday card for that poor little kid in the hospital,if he’s sleeping?

      • 41
        brp says:

        I dunno, but I hear he’s in Houston… something about a “Jerk Store”…

  18. 44
    Insert Name Here says:

    Man, this was a good one. Too bad my vacationing gets in the way of visiting HHS…

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