HHS reader with the moniker “Insert Name Here” was lamenting that a recent quiz was too easy, and was pining for something really challenging as in days past. So, just for INH, here’s something a bit harder.

The 12 players in this quiz have achieved a hitting feat related to the television series Seinfeld. This has been accomplished only 13 times in the game-searchable era, so one of the twelve has done it twice.

Can you figure out what that accomplishment might be?

Click on the link below to see the list of players and get started on your sleuthing.

Congratulations to Richard Chester! He identified that these are the only players since 1918 to compile a 0-0-0-0 box score line in a game with 5 or more PAs. Like Seinfeld, a game about “nothing” (at least as far as the box score is concerned).

So, here  they are - some all-time greats, other top stars, and some other guys. So what has each of them achieved that no other player has ever done?

Have fun.


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