Alex, I’ll take the Yankees in the World Series for 500

The Yankees are known for their unmatched post-season success, including the most World Series titles and appearances. In fact, the Yankees have lost more World Series than any other franchise has won.

This game is Jeopardy but, in this incarnation, could also be called box score sleuthing. There are many pieces to the game, each of which can be solved independently. So I expect this will work best as a group exercise with different individuals working on different pieces.

Following are a list of dates. These dates are the answers to Jeopardy questions. Your job is to determine the questions. Each question is in the form of “When was the last time a Yankee/the Yankees had a World Series game with …. ?”.

Note that the question format includes “a Yankee” rather than a specific name. Thus, none of the answers (er, questions) reference a specific player – so, nothing like “When was the last time in the World Series that Babe Ruth struck out with the bases loaded?”, or that sort of thing.

Thanks to everyone for playing. You found lots of interesting factoids that I never noticed. A box score is truly a treasure trove if you look closely. The questions and answers are posted after the jump. The ones you found are in black, and the remaining ones in blue.

I’ve included one question to give you an idea, but I expect the others may not be so easy. If there are two entries for the same game, it means there are (at least) two correct questions for that answer.

If you identify that you’re working on a question, I will update the post accordingly, and also with the questions as you solve them.

Have fun!

 No. Date Last time Yankees did this
sample 2001-11-04 lost series on a walk-off hit
BONUS 2009-11-04  won game when striking out 10+ times
1 2009-11-04  starter allowed exactly one of each type of hit (Andy Pettitte)
2 2003-10-23  starter (David Wells) pitched one inning or less
BONUS 2003-10-22  pinch-hitter received intentional walk (Juan Rivera)
BONUS 2000-10-25  two players tripled (Derek Jeter, Paul O’Neill) AND led off game with HR (Jeter)
3 2000-10-25  pitcher batted in a game he saved (Mariano Rivera)
4 2000-10-24  struck out 10+ and took the loss (Orlando Hernandez)
5 2000-10-21  player had 4 hits, all singles (Jose Vizcaino)
BONUS 1999-10-26  player homered twice (Chad Curtis)
6 1999-10-26  base hit by future Yankee manager (Joe Girardi)
7 1996-10-26  save recorded by a different pitcher (John Wetteland) than the one pitcher who has recorded all subsequent saves
8 1996-10-24  won game without scoring an earned run
9 1981-10-28  player (Willie Randolph) had two extra-base hits in deciding game, but team lost
10 1981-10-24  knocked out opposing starter (Bob Welch) before recording an out
11 1978-10-13  complete game with more walks than strikeouts (Ron Guidry)
12 1977-10-11  reliever won game with 3+ IP (Sparky Lyle)
13 1976-10-17  starting pitcher had walk-off loss (Catfish Hunter)
14 1962-10-04  starting pitcher allowed 10+ hits and won (Whitey Ford)
BONUS 1961-10-05  pitching staff issued two intentional walks to same opposing hitter (Gene Freese)
15 1961-10-05  home run by future Yankees manager (Yogi Berra)
BONUS 1960-10-13  No strikeouts by pitching staff
16 1960-10-13  base hit by relief pitcher (Bobby Shantz)
17 1960-10-13  allowed (Bobby Shantz) base hit to future Yankees managers (Bill Virdon)
18 1960-10-05  game 1 starting pitcher did not finish the 1st inning (Art Ditmar)
19 1958-10-09  stole a base in a game 7 (Elston Howard)
20 1958-10-02  allowed (Duke Maas) HR to opposing pitcher (Lew Burdette)
21 1955-09-30  lost game on opposing starter’s birthday (Johnny Podres)
22 1955-09-28  caught stealing twice (Billy Martin)
BONUS 1953-10-04  hit grand slam HR with all runs unearned (Mickey Mantle)
23 1953-10-04  pitcher had extra-base hit (Jim McDonald)
24 1949-10-05  had walk-off HR for a 1-0 win (Tommy Henrich)
25 1949-10-05  pitcher had two hits (Allie Reynolds)
BONUS 1947-10-06  induced GIDP to end series clinching game (Joe Page)
26 1947-10-06  threw out two runners trying to steal in a game 7 (Aaron Robinson)
27 1936-10-04  two base hits on his birthday (Frank Crosetti)
28 1932-10-02  8 future HOFers appeared in the same game
29 1923-10-12  Allowed (Sad Sam Jones) HR to future Yankee manager (Casey Stengel)
30 1922-10-07  Played home game at venue not called Yankee Stadium
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Alex, I’ll take the Yankees in the World Series for 500 — 192 Comments

  1. 10/13/60: 1) When was the last time the Yankees lost a World Series on a game-ending home run? 2) When was the last time no Yankees pitcher recorded a strikeout in a World Series game?

    • #1 is too obvious. #2 is correct. I didn’t know that. I’ll add to the list.

      But, I was looking for two other things. Hint: the same player did both things.

  2. #29, 1923-10-12: Last WS game the Yanks lost 1-0 on a home run. — OR — Last time a future Yankee manager hit an inside-the-park HR against them. :)

        • You are right, Richard. Did you recall that game?

          Actually, you don’t need to use Team Game Finder. Just use these two queries in Pitching Game Finder, and check results.
          – Last game of WS, Team Won, CG, GIDP >= 1
          – Last game of WS, Team Won, GF, GIDP >= 1

          • Yes I do remember that game (just the DP). I was in the park with my portable radio when it happened.

          • Richard, Am I reading this correctly: you were at the Stadium for the 7th game in ’47? My eyes are wide. . . .

          • Reply to 150.
            I don’t mean that I was at Yankee Stadium but at a playground in a local park near where I lived.

          • Reply to 157
            epm: there were no transistor radios then. My aunt bought me a box-shaped radio which required three batteries and I never left my house without it whenever the Yankees were playing.

          • Ah, yes, the glory of tubes. I was born in the transistor era, but loved my dad’s tube stereo set-up so much that I still run tube amps and preamps and one old tube radio – an ancient Admiral that it’s getting difficult to find replacement valves for. The worst thing about old radios, though, are the capacitors. Man can those things leak and gunk up.

    • I think that’s correct. It’s certainly correct for a 1-0 win. But, again not something I can verify easily with P-I. There was something else in this game.

      • Reply to #41.
        It can be verified using PI and box scores.
        Go to PI and select:
        All Matching Games
        Post Season
        Team Won
        Home game
        Sort by Date

        The results spreadsheet shows 16 games. Check the box scores of the 8 games won by 4 runs or less and the 1949 game is the only one with a walk-off HR. Off course it helps to know ahead of time about the Henrich HR. But it could be done regardless, there would be more box score to sort through.

        That walk-off HR was not just the first one by the Yankees but by anybody.

    • Yes, that is the last of 15 times the Yankees have done this. Since this was the last WS game the Yankees have played (and therefore almost anything would fit), I made it a unique occurrence (should have mentioned that at the outset).

      See comments 46 and 56 (under thread for comment 1) for clues.

  3. 1996-10-24: The last time a yankee pitcher successfully picked off a runner in a WS game (not a caught stealing by the pitcher/catcher). Pettite, of course, getting Jones.

    • Good thought, mosc. Roger Clemens is the last pitcher to pick off a runner, on 10/30/2001. Pettitte himself did this more recently than 1996, on 10/26/2000.

      Both of these were scored P-1B, so meet your specification.

    • Yes. Actually, only Yankee to be caught stealing twice, period.

      The second CS was of home, with two outs. Later, Jackie Robinson successfully stole home, in the 8th inning with two outs and down by 3 runs.

  4. Actually I lied. I have to do one more because it’s so easy.

    #13 – The last time the Yankees started players named after poultry and seafood in the same game. :)

  5. #28

    I have two questions.
    1) Who was the first Yankee WS starter to not make it through the first inning? (Johny Allen)

    2) Who was the first Yankee PH to receive an IBB? (Red Ruffing)

    • Yes, those are both firsts. Surprisingly, a Yankee PH has had an IBB only one other time – Juan Rivera on 10/22/2003. So, I’ll add that factoid to the list

    • Good one Nick, I hadn’t notice that, but have confirmed it is correct. For the record, these are the Yankee slams in the WS.

      Tino Martinez, New York (AL), Oct. 17, 1998, 7th inning
      Joe Pepitone, New York (AL), Oct. 14, 1964, 8th
      Bobby Richardson, New York (AL), Oct. 8, 1960, 1st
      Bill Skowron, New York (AL), Oct. 10, 1956, 7th
      Yogi Berra, New York (AL), Oct. 5, 1956, 2nd
      Mickey Mantle, New York (AL), Oct. 4, 1953, 3rd
      Gil McDougald, New York (AL), Oct. 9, 1951, 3rd
      Tony Lazzeri, New York (AL), Oct. 2, 1936, 3rd

      So, the Yankees have 8 of the 18 slams in WS history. Only other team with more than one is the Twins with two, both in 1987.

      • I can’t imagine the following is what you’re looking for; I’m kind of grasping at straws:
        October 4, 1953. What is the last time the Yankees had runs equal to hits, both double digits.

    • That’s true. But, all of the questions are independent of what a player or the team did in any previous games.

      Looking for something else.

  6. To me a lot of the confirmed answers so far are in the realm of esoterica, or maybe I’m just not into it.

    #28, the 1932 game, intrigues me, though. Other things have been mentioned above, but also, the team had 19 hits and 2 HBP (Ruth and Gehrig, in fact). Don’t know if these things matter, but the game was obviously very weird.

    • To be sure. Some people have a knack for spotting unusual things in box scores. That’s what this game is about.

      The mention of Ruth and Gehrig is relevant to #28. Some other players in that game shared something in common with them (other than being Yankees).

  7. A couple of guesses:

    #9 Last appearance by future non-Yankee WS winning manager (Lou Piniella)?
    #14 Last complete game giving up as much as 10 hits?

  8. It’s been 24 hours so I’m going to call Game Over on time (hey, this is Jeopardy, not baseball).

    Thanks for playing everyone. You did pretty well. I’ll post the remaining questions shortly.

    • Starting pitcher (Red Ruffing) had 10 or more of both strikeouts and hits allowed. Only time. And, he allowed triple by former Yankee shortstop (Mark Koenig).

        • Hmm.

          It is the first time a pitcher allowed an intentional walk and a triple to the same batter. Second time was #13 on our list, Catfish Hunter and Joe Morgan.

          So, I guess it’s the only time a former Yankee tripled and was intentionally walked playing against the Yankees.

          • Your statement is true but you’re not there yet. It does involve bending your rules a bit. It can be determined with PI and Excel speadsheets.

          • Bending the rules, you say.

            Okay, Ruffing is only Yankee to give and receive and intentional walk in the same series. The receive was in #28 on our list.

          • When I say bending the rules I mean you have to use an Excel spreadsheet in addition to the PI search. The answer involves Koenig and Ruffing. It seems that your original requirement was to use PI only. I hope that helps.

          • Well, Richard, I’ll just guess that Ruffing is the first Yankee pitcher who, in his first WS game, faced a former Yankee. But, I expect that has happened since.

          • Okay. Ruffing is the first Yankee pitcher who, in his first WS game, faced a former Yankee teammate.

            Ruffing and Koenig were teammates briefly, from May 6th to 30th, 1930.

          • Another correct statement but not quite what I am looking for. You’re still close. You have given some good answers though. Maybe I should give you the answer, this could go on forever.

          • Mark Koenig is the first former Yankee to have played in a WS with them and then played against them in the WS. Ruffing was the pitcher in Koenig’s first AB. The answer had to involve a player currently on the Yankees, that’s why Ruffing is mentioned. I got the idea for this while researching your game #27. Koenig’s name appeared in that box score and realizing that he was a former WS Yankee I thought that the answer was that he was the first former player to do so. Checking his stat page revealed that he also played against them in the 1932 WS. I did a PI search to verify, with confirmation occurring when I listed all the WS players, both for and against the Yankees from 1921 to 1932. Koenig’s name was the only one to appear on both lists.

          • Thanks Richard, It is a pretty short list of players to play for and against the Yankees in the WS.

            Bill Skowron
            David Dellucci
            Denny Neagle
            Don Larsen
            Enos Slaughter
            Frenchy Bordagaray
            Jay Johnstone
            Jim Leyritz
            Johnny Allen
            Mark Koenig
            Murry Dickson
            Pat Malone
            Sterling Hitchcock
            Tommy John
            Tony Lazzeri

            Of these, only Koenig played against the Yankees for two different teams. Only Hitchcock and John never won a WS playing for or against New York.

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