High Heat Stats is kicking ass

Is it just me, or has this blog been on fire? Both the new and established writers are cranking it up and hitting triple digits on the radar gun.

Just a friendly reminder that you can help us out by hitting the “like” button on the Facebook ap down on the sidebar and by following me and the other writers on Twitter (you can find everybody’s Twitter handle on the ‘About’ page linked at the top.)

We have another surprise in the works–I won’t say too much other than that it takes advantage of one of the special talents of someone on our writing staff.

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John Nacca

The new talent here is definitely adding to the topics as well as the talk about them. Makes the greatest site ever even greater!


I agree on the upswing Andy. The new blood has added a new dynamic. Both the volume and quality of the post in the past two weeks has been excellent.
I may not leave a lot of comments but this site is definitely one I check daily.

Jim Bouldin

“I won’t say too much other than that it takes advantage of one of the special talents of someone on our writing staff.”

Awesome! So we are going to get to see Mr. Autin singing the Ohio State fight song in his buckeye briefs after all?

John Autin

I’ll sing, dammit — but there’d better not be any mashed potatoes on my chair when I sit down again!


Could this be a “Brian’s Song” allusion? Billy D and Jimmy C!

My cousin does a note-perfect imitation of Billy D as Gayle S.:

“You’n me in the starting backfield, whaddya say?”

“I lub Brian Piccolo, and I want alla you to lub him too.”

Steven Page

I too am excited by the new influx of talent and opinions that have joined the “old pros” that got me here at the very beginning. HHS is a “must check” every morning and evening for me.

Now if the NHL ever comes back, I need an RSS(Rising Slap Shot)….


Totally. I followed on B-R for a few years, more avidly in the last year despite my lack of comments (mostly due to my lack of knowledge; I’m getting into baseball THROUGH my love of baseball stat blogs), but not only is this one of the most reasoned, intelligent, respectful internet forums I’ve been to, it’s also really interesting, and has become more and more interesting in the last few months, and indeed the past few weeks.

Daniel Longmire

Can’t express my thoughts any better than Bells did. Long-time reader (well back into the B-R days), intermittent commenter (sometimes feel intimidated by the quality/intelligence/depth of comments on here). Well-deserved attention for all of you! :]

so i have been reading every post here without fail since your days as the b-r blog. I rarely comment, but due to the subject of this post i just wanted to give a hardy thank you for those who post and comment on this site. ill often times spend hours just reading the comments, and im always surprised how insightful everyone is. as a college kid, i should be searching the internet reading any baseball article i can (as an avid fan), but turns out this is the only blog i read. ive tried others, but they never match… Read more »

Glad to see that this blog is picking up. I go to this site on occasion and I’m glad to see all sorts of topics with the new writers here. I once considered writing here myself when they were looking for writers but I see now that there are plenty of good topics to read. I’ll sit back and read your articles like I always have. Keep up the good work everyone!


Amen, this blog is amazing, it’s the first place I go whenever I get on the web. The combination of Autin’s great box score analysis and the fun topical discussions are incredible. I was sad when BR blog went down, but I think this is better. The only other blog that comes close is The Book.

The only improvident that could be made would be reader sortable embedded tables like BR had.

Dave V.

I agree, as the content has always been good…and it’s been getting even better lately! While I don’t have the chance to comment that often, I definitely enjoy reading things here. Thanks to everyone who contributes to such a quality baseball site!