Quiz – Puzzling Pitchers

Here is a list of pitchers representing 3 distinct eras: before 1920; the 1960s; and the past 20 years.

What is it that pitchers have achieved only in these periods, and that only these pitchers have accomplished in a qualifying season (min. 162 IP) since 1901?

Hint: Three of these pitchers accomplished this feat in multiple seasons, including one who did so in consecutive seasons.

Congratulations to Artie Z! He correctly identified (in just 59 minutes) that these are the only pitchers since 1901 with a season (min. 162 IP) of double-digit wild pitches and hit batters, combined with a K/BB ratio of 3.0 or better (in fact, nobody has done that in fewer than 162 IP, either). Here are those seasons.

13 thoughts on “Quiz – Puzzling Pitchers

  1. 1
    oneblankspace says:

    More batters struck out than hits allowed?

  2. 3
    James Smyth says:

    At first glance, I figure it’s about high K total and/or K rate…maybe with K/BB better than 3, HR/9 lower than 1 and double-digit HBP?

  3. 5
    Hartvig says:

    I thought I was onto something with seasons with more than 200 strikeouts but fewer than 0.4 home runs per 9 until I got to Haren.

  4. 6
    Artie Z says:

    It looks like it has something to do with double digit WP and HBP.

  5. 11
    Timmy Pea says:

    Speaking of Quiz, I just put down $1000 bucks on the Royals to win the world series in 2013. After yesterday’s powerball drawing, it might be their year.

    • 12
      John Autin says:

      Timmy, I’d love to see you win that bet!

      Unfortunately, I think Jeremy Guthrie winds up the only KCR Powerball winner this year.

      • 13
        Timmy Pea says:

        For those that didn’t hear, the POWERBALL winning numbers were all Royals HoF uniform numbers with the exception of 16, and that number was worn by the great Bo Jackson when he played in KC. One of the tickets was purchased in Missouri and I’ll bet the guy is a Royals fan in his 50’s.

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