This post is for voting and discussion in the tenth round of balloting for the Circle of Greats. This round adds players born in 1959. Rules and lists are after the jump.

As always, each ballot must include three and only three eligible players. The one player who appears on the most ballots cast in the round is inducted into the Circle of Greats.  Players who fail to win induction but appear on half or more of the ballots that are cast win four future rounds of ballot eligibility. Players who appear on 25% or more of the ballots, but less than 50%, earn two years of extended eligibility.  Any other player in the top 9 (including ties) in ballot appearances (or who appear on at least 10% of the ballots) wins one additional round of ballot eligibility.

All voting for this round closes at 11:00 PM EST on Sunday, February 24, while changes to previously cast ballots are allowed until 11:00 PM EST Friday, February 22.

If you’d like to follow the vote tally, and/or check to make sure I’ve recorded your vote correctly, you can see my ballot-counting spreadsheet for this round here: 1959 COG Vote Tally . I’ll be updating the spreadsheet periodically with the latest votes. Initially, there is a row for every voter who has cast a ballot in any of the past rounds, but new voters are entirely welcome — new voters will be added to the spreadsheet as their ballots are submitted. Also initially, there is a column for each of the holdover players; additional player columns from the born-in-1959 group will be added as votes are cast for them.

Choose your three players from the lists below of eligible players. The holdovers are listed in order of the year through which they are assured eligibility, and alphabetically when the eligibility year is the same. The 1959 birth year guys are listed in order of the number of seasons they played in the majors, and alphabetically among players with the same number of seasons played.

Curt Schilling (eligible through 1952)
John Smoltz (1953)
Tom Glavine (1954)
Craig Biggio (1955)
Tony Gwynn (1956)
Barry Larkin (1956)
Larry Walker (1956)
Roberto Alomar (1957)
Edgar Martinez (1959)

Everyday Players (born in 1959, ten or more seasons played in the major leagues):
Harold Baines
Tim Raines
Tony Phillips
Otis Nixon
Brian Harper
Ryne Sandberg
Jim Eisenreich
Wally Backman
Kevin Bass
Tom Foley
Rich Gedman
Junior Ortiz
Milt Thompson
Mitch Webster
Jesse Barfield
George Bell
Kevin McReynolds
Lloyd Moseby
Geno Petralli
Brook Jacoby
Luis Aguayo
Mike Davis
Terry Francona
Jose Uribe

Pitchers (born in 1959, ten or more seasons played in the major leagues):
Mike Morgan
Alejandro Pena
Mike Bielecki
Jim Gott
Bill Gullickson
Mike Moore
Bob Patterson
Richard Dotson
Dave LaPoint
Dennis Rasmussen
Danny Cox
Ken Dayley
Joe Hesketh
Todd Worrell
Oil Can Boyd
Don Carman
Mike Jeffcoat
Tom Niedenfuer

For anyone who votes with an eye on what is likely to happen in future rounds, note that next week’s regular induction round of voting will phase in only half of the group born in 1958 — those whose last names begin with the letters A through H. The round after that will be part two of the 1958 round, bringing in players born in 1958 with last names starting with the letters I through Z. If this approach works as planned, these split birth year rounds will occur every three birth years or so. The idea is to get us to our goal of 112 inductees without going too far back into the 19th century birth years. The really old, old-timers of 19th century baseball will be the subject of a separate wing of the COG.

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