When this round of balloting began, Mike Mussina was not considered the most likely winner by those who offered predictions, but Magic Mike’s cool demeanor and steady performance over the years seem to have helped bring him the most votes in a closely contested, back-and-forth election. More on Moose and the voting after the jump.

Most Pitching Wins Above Replacement (WAR) (baseball-reference version) in American League History:
1. Walter Johnson 144.7
2. Roger Clemens 117.0
3. Lefty Grove 103.7
4. Bert Blyleven 81.6
5. Mike Mussina 78.1

Most Seasons by a Yankee with 4.0 or more Pitching WAR:
5 Seasons, by Mike Mussina, Whitey Ford and Ron Guidry

Most Seasons by an Oriole/Browns Franchise Player with 4.0 or more Pitching WAR:
8 Seasons, by Jim Palmer
7 Seasons, by Mike Mussina 
5 Seasons, by Urban Shocker (Shocker and Mussina have been the two best players by far whose whole MLB careers were split between the Yanks and Browns/O’s franchises).

89 ballots were cast this round, the highest turnout yet. Mussina appeared on 44 ballots, winning induction at just under the 50% level.

All the holdovers this round continued to extend their eligibility. Edgar Martinez continues to hang on one round at a time. Of the players actually born in 1961, the only one who received significant support was Don Mattingly. Donnie Baseball finished 10th in the balloting, but he met the 10% threshold, just barely, so as with Edgar, Mattingly will be back next round, albeit sitting on the bubble. The full record of the voting for the 1961 round is here: 1961 COG Vote Tally .  The full list of players who will carryover to the next ballot, and the length of their currently assured eligibility will be listed in the 1960 ballot post.

The Circle of Greats membership thus far:
Jeff Bagwell
Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Randy Johnson
Greg Maddux
Mike Mussina
Mike Piazza
Frank Thomas

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