Not only did Roger Clemens gain induction into the Circle of Greats this round by a wide margin (appearing on 43 of 71 ballots), his manner on the mound is memorialized in song before every major league game. More on Roger and the voting after you click on the “Read the Rest” gizmo.

Most Pitching Wins Above Replacement (WAR) (baseball-reference version) accumulated over the past 100 seasons:
Roger Clemens 133.1
Lefty Grove 103.7
Walter Johnson 101.7
Tom Seaver 101.1
Greg Maddux 99.4

133.1 Pitching WAR > Sandy Koufax’s career WAR (50.3) + Whitey Ford’s career WAR (50.1) + Catfish Hunter’s career WAR (32.1).

–Nine of the ten carryover players in this round again appeared on more than 10% of the ballots, including Roberto Alomar, who broke through with enough votes for the first time to gain two rounds of eligibility. Roberto had received high number of votes early on, but only before we implemented the two-round eligibility threshold.

–Fred McGriff  was the only holdover on this ballot who failed to receive enough votes to receive a further extension — he falls out of eligibility. No one in the 1962 birth year group, other than Clemens, received more than two votes this round. The full record of the votes for this ballot is here:   1962 COG Vote Tally .  The full list of players who will carryover to the next ballot, and the length of their  currently assured eligibility will be listed in the 1961 ballot post.

The Circle of Greats membership thus far:
Jeff Bagwell
Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Randy Johnson
Greg Maddux
Mike Piazza
Frank Thomas

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