As noted by Raphy in the previous post, Baseball-Reference’s Play Index Split Finder is out of beta and now available in more polished form to the general Play index subscribership. One quick use of that new tool produces the following list of the players with the most career, regular-season major league home runs in a single ballpark:

1. Mel Ott, Polo Grounds: 323 homers
2. Sammy Sosa, Wrigley Field: 293 homers
3. Ernie Banks, Wrigley Field: 290 homers
4. Mickey Mantle, Yankee Stadium: 266 homers
5. Mike Schmidt, Veterans Stadium: 265 homers
6. Frank Thomas, New Comiskey Park: 263 homers
7. Babe Ruth, Yankee Stadium: 259 homers
8. Stan Musial, Sportsman’s Park: 252 homers
9. Lou Gehrig, Yankee Stadium: 251 homers
10. Paul Konerko, New Comiskey Park: 249 homers

Note that only six parks make this top 10.

Konerko has one more season left on his current White Sox contract. If he stays healthy and productive, and remains with the Sox all season, he could move up nicely on this list in 2013. If he re-ups with them after the season, he could go as high as fourth.

The other guys with more than 150 homers in a single park and expected to be active, or possibly active, in MLB in 2013:
Todd Helton, Coors Field: 214 homers
Jim Thome, Jacobs Field: 190 homers
David Ortiz, Fenway Park: 164 homers
Lance Berkman, Minute Maid Park: 156 homers
Ryan Howard, Citizens Bank Park: 151 homers

Helton, Ortiz and Howard are expected to play their 2013 home games in the park where they have hit those homers. Berkman signed with the Rangers and has thus moved to the AL West, but Minute Maid Park has, too, so Lance will get some chances to add to his homer total there, including in the Rangers’ opening series of the 2013 season. Jim Thome is still an unsigned free agent; it remains to be seen whether he will have a chance to hit any more homers in Cleveland.

How about most homers surrendered by a pitcher in a single ballpark?
1. Phil Niekro, Fulton County Stadium: 225 homers
2. Tim Wakefield, Fenway Park: 205 homers
3. Mickey Lolich, Tiger Stadium: 194 homers
4. Robin Roberts, Connie Mack Stadium (Shibe Park): 186 homers
5. Jack Morris, Tiger Stadium: 180 homers

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