Introducing the High Heat Stats podcast – Episode #1

I’ve finally gone and done it, and created a baseball podcast! With the participation of Dalton, Bryan, and Adam, we’ve recorded the pilot podcast for High Heat Stats.

This first one is a little long at nearly an hour and three quarters–we’ll try to make future ones a bit shorter.

The podcast is not yet in iTunes, but it should be within about a week. You can still subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by choosing “File > Subscribe to Podcast” from the menu bar and entering the feed URL: “”.

Podcast Feed | Download Episode #1 (MP3)

I’m proud to say that the podcast is sponsored by the Play Index. Listen to the podcast for details on how to save money on a new subscription to the PI (not available to existing subscribers, but you can always get a subscription for someone else–maybe for dad for Father’s Day?)

Thanks very much to the folks who helped, particularly to Adam for a bunch of extra technical assistance!

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Nick Pain

Nice job guys. I look forward to future podcasts, and also the home edition of the High Heat Stats trivia game, complete with Jack Glasscock trading card and fraction calculator.


I’m very excited by this. Have only listened to a little bit as doing my job got in the way today 🙂


I will have to give this a listen later on tonight. Congrats!

P.S. Andy, I’m not on Twitter, so can you pass along to Ashley that Tom Tango linked to one of her articles (or one of her tweets) on his blog? Thanks.


OK so Goat Anderson, Enzo Hernandez, and Jack Glasscock get mentioned in about a 2-minute span… good stuff. Gotta say I’m a bit bummed by the lack of response from the commenters though.


Finally had a chance to listen to it and it was awesome (especially the trivia segment)! You guys all do great work and I’m looking forward to the next installment!