73 different players representing the Yankees have had at least one plate appearance (PA) in an All-Star game (ASG).  That’s the most for any one franchise.  The Dodgers are second, with 70 different players having had at least one PA in an All-Star game.  At the other end of the scale, the Rays franchise has had nine different players with at least one All-Star game PA.

Willie Mays had 79 ASG plate appearances while with the Giants.  That’s the most by any one player representing a particular franchise. Stan Musial had 72 PAs in All-Star Games, all for the Cardinals, his only team — that’s second only to Mays in ASG PAs for a particular franchise.  More on this theme, after the jump.   Brooks Robinson had 47 ASG PAs for the Orioles, a high number, but not the most for the Orioles, as Cal Ripken had 52 plate appearances  in All-Star games.  That 47 ASG PA number for Robinson is the most by any player who does not lead his franchise in this category.

Below is a table that lists, for each of the 30 current major league franchises, the number of different players who have  had at least one ASG plate appearance while representing that franchise.  The table also lists the player with the most ASG PAs for the franchise (and the number of his ASG PAs for the franchise), as well as the player with the second-most ASG PAs  for that franchise (and, again, the number of his ASG PAs for the franchise).   After Tuesday’s game, I’ll update the table to include this year’s data.

FranchisePlayers With 1
Or More ASG PA
Most ASG PAs# of ASG PAs2nd in ASG PAs# of ASG
Angels36Jim Fregosi17V. Guerrero/R. Carew12
Astros28Craig Biggio16Jeff Bagwell12
Athletics46Reggie Jackson19Mark McGwire16
Blue Jays23Roberto Alomar14Joe Carter12
Braves55Hank Aaron71Eddie Mathews27
Brewers28Tie-Robin Yount10Tie-Ryan Braun 10
Cardinals69Stan Musial72Ozzie Smith28
Cubs59Ernie Banks35Ryne Sandberg28
Diamondbacks 10Luis Gonzalez7Justin Upton4
Dodgers70Steve Garvey24Roy Campenella23
Giants58Willie Mays79Barry Bonds31
Indians57Ken Keltner19Earl Averill16
Mariners19Ichiro Suzuki
28Ken Griffey, Jr.25
Marlins14Hanley Ramirez9Luis Castillo7
Mets25David Wright16Darryl Strawberry14
Expos/Nats24Gary Carter14Tim Raines12
Browns/Orioles51Cal Ripken52Brooks Robinson47
Padres26Tony Gwynn32Dave Winfield11
Phillies54Mike Schmidt21Bowa/Ashburn/Willie Jones10
Pirates50Roberto Clemente34Arky Vaughan22
Rangers31Ivan Rodriguez27Michael Young14
Rays8Carl Crawford9Evan Longoria6
Red Sox66Ted Williams57Carl Yastrzemski38
Reds60Pete Rose31Johnny Bench 30
Rockies14Todd Helton9Larry Walker/Matt Holliday8
Royals19George Brett31Frank White/Amos Otis7
Tigers60Al Kaline40Charlie Gehringer29
Twins/Senators46Rod Carew36Harmon Killebrew28
White Sox42Nellie Fox41Luis Aparicio26
Yankees73Mickey Mantle52Berra/DiMaggio43

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