Podcast #4

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In the latest one, Ashley and I have a broad conversation about numerous baseball topics, including how different it is to be a fan today versus 25 year ago. And you’ll just have to listen to find out why the episode is titled “Bunting skills competition”.

2 thoughts on “Podcast #4

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    RJ says:

    As someone who has only followed baseball since 2002, and only seriously since about 2006, a lot of the conversation about being a new fan resonated with me. Bizarrely though, as I have mostly observed the game from here in the UK, it was actually Andy’s 1980s experience that I identified with more.

    Not having a sports-only channel or a fast internet connection back in the mid 2000s meant that the only time I could watch games was on a Wednesday or Sunday night. However, that usually meant staying up until at least 3AM, something not entirely practical on a school night.

    I didn’t read blogs or match reports for teams other than the Giants, so my knowledge of the rest of MLB was limited. The first time I saw Ken Griffey play (at a Reds-Giants game on one of my trips to San Francisco) was also the first time I’d heard of him.

    The mystery of what players look like also struck a chord. Ridiculous as it sounds, for the longest time I had no idea that Eddie Murray was black. Ashley’s bafflement at a Andres Torres stealing a base mirrored my own puzzlement at witnessing a balk, after about three years(!) of semi-following the sport.

    Rather conveniently, the late nights required to watch games live became much less of a problem once I left for university (funny that) and as a consequence I became much more immersed in the sport. I’m also fortunate in that the nature of my work means I can still follow games live, not to mention keep up with the articles here on HHS.

    So there were some interesting points discussed in the podcast. I will say however, that I think a more structured show as per previous episodes allows for more in-depth discussions. It is great to have a range of voices on the podcast though, so I’m glad to see the likes of Ashley being brought onto the show. Keep up the good work Andy!

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    brp says:

    And here I thought the title was in reference to Dale Sveum’s single-elimination bunting tournament during Cubs’ 2012 Spring Training.

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