Quiz – All-Star Catchers (solved)

The players in today’s quiz are the only catchers with a particular All-Star game accomplishment.

What is the feat achieved by no other catcher in the mid-summer classic?

Hint: one of these catchers achieved this feat twice

Congratulations to Nick Pain! With the first comment, he identified these players as the only losing catchers to call for the last pitch of the game, and not catch it (more commonly known as a walk-off win for the other team). Elston Howard has the distinction of doing this twice. The games are after the jump.

Cr# Date Batter Tm Lg Pitcher Score Inn RoB Out RBI
1 1941-07-08 Ted Williams BOS AL Claude Passeau down 5-4 HR b9 1-3 2 3
2 1955-07-12 Stan Musial STL NL Frank Sullivan tied 5-5 HR b12 0 1
3 1961-07-11 Roberto Clemente PIT NL Hoyt Wilhelm tied 4-4 1B b10 12- 0 1
4 1964-07-07 Johnny Callison PHI NL Dick Radatz tied 4-4 HR b9 12- 2 3
5 1966-07-12 Maury Wills LAD NL Pete Richert tied 1-1 1B b10 -2- 1 1
6 1970-07-14 Jim Hickman CHC NL Clyde Wright tied 4-4 1B b12 12- 2 1
7 1972-07-25 Joe Morgan CIN NL Dave McNally tied 3-3 1B b10 -2- 1 1
8 1994-07-12 Moises Alou MON NL Jason Bere tied 7-7 2B b10 1– 0 1
9 2008-07-15 Michael Young TEX AL Brad Lidge tied 3-3 SF b15 123 1 1
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Generated 7/16/2013.

Worth noting that 4 of these games were part of the NL’s big run, winning 19 out of 20 games from 1963 to 1982. But, the AL has evened things out since then, winning 19 of the past 25 games, including a 13 game undefeated run (1997-2009), the longest by either league.

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Nick Pain
Nick Pain
10 years ago

They were all catching when the opponent had a walk-off win?

10 years ago
Reply to  Nick Pain

Of course, Ray Fosse had to be carried off after the NL’s walk off win