High Heat Stats keychain

John, here it is. Email me your mailing address and it’s yours.

Anybody else interested in one? I could make this available for sale to support this web site.



7 thoughts on “High Heat Stats keychain

  1. 1
    Darien says:

    I’d be interested at the right price. How much do you figure they’d be?

    • 2
      Andy says:


      But seriously…

      I have an idea of my cost basis. I’m machining these in-house, and then I have to pay for packaging and shipping. What do you think is a reasonable price?

    • 4
      Andy says:

      I’m thinking about $15 for pre-orders including shipping in the US. I realize that’s a bit steep, but the proceeds will support this site.

      • 6
        Darien says:

        $15 including shipping isn’t too far off of what I was thinking ($12-ish). I could see swinging that, especially if you promise it’ll boost my WAR.

  2. 3
    Mr. Dave says:

    Have to say, that is pretty sweet.

  3. 5
    Mike L says:

    Tremendous iconography in that picture. State of the art machining and design nestled in a hand that shows signs of both hard work (surface roughness and short thumbnail) and adult choices (wedding ring). Smart, centered, lunchbucket player. Very appropriate for the website.

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