The High Heat Stats @ootpbaseball League: 2013

Dan McCloskey, footballer

Here’s the news story from Dan’s announcement that he was leaving the game… for FOOTBALL.

It’s the moment all the High Heat Stats OOTP League prospects have been waiting for—you’ve been drafted (well, almost all of you) and you’ve played some games! I simmed through the end of the 2013 season, so you’ve got a half season of games under your belt.

The biggest news:

  • We had a player quit and leave baseball… for football. Seriously, Mr. McCloskey? What the hell are you thinking? And that came after you won the Outstanding Hitter Award in your league? Sheesh.
  • Five players failed to sign with their clubs and will be in next year’s draft. This includes Rich Warren (3rd overall by the Rockies) and Bill Brockman (6th overall by the Red Sox).
  • One player (Luis Gomez) wasn’t even drafted for some reason (I’m guessing it was an error on my part when entering his eligibility). No worries. He signed on with the Rockies (who were shunned by Mr. Warren) and played at four levels, becoming the first of our merry group to reach AA.
  • Dalton, despite his weak intelligence, was the first of the group to be drafted. The Cubs took him second overall, giving him almost $7 million. Who was #1 overall? It was a fictional guy I made by mistake and couldn’t remember his name (so I couldn’t delete him). Oops. I probably cost Dalton even more money.
  • Three players were actually put on waivers and signed on with new clubs. Baltimore gave up on Bryan O’Connor, but Houston nabbed him. The Yankees waived Darien Sumner, but the Marlins came calling. The Marlins also picked up CJ Miller, who the Cardinals allowed to get away. I don’t understand why these players were waived.
  • Ryan Hennesy was the only one to suffer a serious injury. He missed about six weeks.
  • Of the 29 of us who were drafted, 28 were taken within the first 49 picks. Andrew Tarwerdi had to wait until the fifth round. He’s taking it out on all his opponents to the tune of a 155 OPS+.

Here’s how we all did:

Name Previous Position Bats Throws Drafted Note
Bryan O’Connor 2013 P Right Right 23rd, BAL Apparently, he was waived by Baltimore after the season and picked up by Houston. He dominated in short-season A ball (in ten starts), but appears to be pitching in relief lately.
Dalton Mack 2013 P Right Left 2nd, CHN Signed for just under $7 million. Is still starting and managing to average five innings per start.
Yank Mosc 2013 P Right Right 39th, TOR Pitching in relief, struck out 24 in 15.1 innings in the Gulf Coast League.
David Horwich 2013 P Left Left 8th, KCR Fanned 77 in 53 A ball innings (11 starts), but with a 5.09 ERA.
Rich Warren (RichW) 2013 P Switch Left 3rd, COL Failed to sign. He’s going to be in next year’s draft.
Hal Ensrud (Hartvig) 2013 P Right Right 16th, MIL Was the Pitcher of the Month for August in the Midwest League. Was 4-0 with a 3.49 ERA and 77 K in 59.1 IP there.
Whitey Chevrolet (BryanM) 2013 P Right Right 20th, DET Won a Minor League Gold Glove in the Gulf Coast League. Had a 3.90 ERA in 11 starts.
Steve O (CursedClevelander) 2013 RP Switch Right 25th, SFG Got in 26 games, earned the save in 14. 5.31 ERA over 20.1 IP in Class A. 26 Ks, but 18 BB.
Duke Sims (Jim Bouldin) 2013 CL Left Left 44th, PHI Dazzled in A ball, with a 1.90 ERA and 27 Ks in 23.2 IP (vs 11 walks). Threw five shutout innings in the postseason.
Adam Darowski 2013 C Switch Right 18th, LAD Hit .289/.353/.397 in A ball (215 PA). Hit .310/.429/.448 in the playoffs, winning a championship. Made two errors and threw out 47% of runners.
Vincent D’Angelo 2013 C Right Right 17th, CHA Hit .191/.279/.372 in rookie ball (215 PA). Threw out 30% of base stealers.
Luis Gomez 2013 C Left Right Unsigned For some reason, went undrafted (perhaps I forgot to make him eligible?). Let’s pretend he was an international free agent then. Signed on with Colorado and played across 4 levels (despite hitting in the .230s. Drew 50 walks, though. Threw out 50% of base stealers. His morale is “angry”. Uh oh.
Nick Pain 2013 1B Right Right 13th, PIT Hit .254/.363/.408 in rookie ball. Played only 4 of 51 games in the field. Hit .279/.357/.508 in 15 postseason games.
Mark Jay (MJ) 2013 1B Right Left 22nd, TBA Failed to sign. He’s going to be in next year’s draft.
Brandon Robitaille (989baseball) 2013 2B Right Right 28th, CIN Crushing it so far—.323/.413/.500 in A ball after spending a couple successful games in Rookie ball (in which he homered twice). Very versatile—started 13 games at second, 8 at shortstop, 13 in left field, and 20 in center field.
Frank Tichell (wx) 2013 2B Right Right 49th, STL Showing some pop (.278/.390/.465) in A ball with speed (11 steals in 13 tries). Made only one error in 206 chances (with +1 range).
Andrew Tarwerdi (ATarwerdi96) 2013 2B Right Right 137th, CHA Picked late, but making up for it. Hitting .341/.393/.584 in A ball with 11 homers and a 155 OPS+. Only made two errors.
Darien Sumner 2013 2B Left Left 29th, NYY Hit .265/.334/.417 with average defense and was waived by the Yankees. Signed on with Miami. Morale is “angry”.
Andy HHS 2013 3B Right Right 11th, SEA Our fearless leader played at three levels and hit .269/.357/.351 at A ball. Made 26 starts at third and 28 at first. Nice glove at third so far. Can’t help but notice his local popularity is “well known”.
Dan Smith 2013 3B Right Right 26th, OAK Failed to sign. He’s going to be in next year’s draft.
Bill Brockman 2013 3B Right Right 6th, BOS Failed to sign. He’s going to be in next year’s draft.
Jon Harris (cubbies) 2013 3B Right Right 15th, ARI Failed to sign. He’s going to be in next year’s draft.
Jeff Stearns (lazyrasmus) 2013 SS Right Right 12th, SDP Just 18, hit .265/.363/.393 in rookie ball before moving up to short A for a couple games. Made ten errors with –1 range at SS.
RJ Jackson 2013 SS Right Right 41st, SEA Spent most of the year in short A, batting .244/.304/.382. Made 29 starts at third and 26 at SS. +5.7 range at 3B and +3.9 at short.
Dan McCloskey 2013 LF Right Right 32nd, CHN Immediately took the Arizona League by storm, winning a Batter of the Month and a Player of the Week. Also won the league’s Outstanding Hitter award for going .366/.464/.634 (174 OPS+) with 13 homers. Mostly played DH (8 games in right). His player page says he was injured, but in the game it said he was retiring from baseball to pursue a career in football. Really.
Ryan Hennesy (whipstache) 2013 CF Left Right 14th, PHI The first of the group to suffer a somewhat serious injury, he suffered an intercostal strain, missed four weeks, and then had a setback and missed two more weeks. Looked good in center while hitting .264 /.297/.339 in short-season A ball.
Chris Castonguay (Chris C) 2013 CF Right Left 9th, TOR Showed good range in both left and center while hitting an impressive .342/.424/.495 in rookie ball. Also stole twelve bases. Played in the postseason, with a .538 OPS in five games.
CJ Miller (GrandyMan) 2013 CF Right Right 19th, STL Hit well in short-season A ball (.305/.370/.539) but somehow was waived by the Cardinals. Miami picked him up. Had a .737 OPS in five playoff games. Errorless in 20 starts in left, but made seven errors in 34 RF starts. Won a player of the week award in late July.
Jeff Hill 2013 RF Right Right 10th, NYM After a .915 OPS in Rookie ball, had a .717 OPS in short-season A. 22 walks in 27 rookie ball games (5 of 7 EBH were homers). Showed exceptional range in right field so far.
Andrew Nadig 2013 RF Left Left 21st, LAA Hit .323/.375/.559 with nine homers in 38 rookie ball games before moving up to A ball. There, he proceeded to hit .330/.395/.500. Has shown poor range in left so far, but he’s hitting the shit out of the ball. Went 4-for-9 in the postseason.

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Up next is 2014. As for Dan… I think I should make a new player for him so he can enter the pool with the guys who didn’t sign. I think I’ll call him Dan McCloskey, Jr.

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Mr. McCloskey is “considered a standout defensive end”??? At 205 pounds??? Maybe in the 1930s!!!

Dan McCloskey

He (I) also has (have) 5 speed on a 20 scale. So, unless he’s (I’m) really fast in the 40, but not so much in the 60, something tells me he’s (I’m) not NFL material.


I guess “very high intelligence” doesn’t mean what it used to. 🙂


Cheap-ass Tampa Bay Rays! Wouldn’t give me the bonus I so rightly deserve! They’re missing out on the next Jonny Gomes! 2014 will be my year!

Dan McCloskey

Will OOTP provide updates on my progress as a football player? 😉

Otherwise, I’m all for the Dan McCloskey Jr. idea. Or, perhaps, Charles Simone. 🙂


Oh dear, I’m in the same organisation as our ‘well known’ fearless leader. Hopefully Andy will find a home at third base and the Mariners can hide my bat at short. Either that or I’ll have put my clear advantage in ‘intelligence’ to good use…

Chris C

Where do I pick up my $5,000,000 signing bonus?

Luis Gomez

That is funny!. Now I´ll have to explain my boss why I was laughing so loud. 🙂

David Horwich

Drafted by the Royals…[shudder]…man, I got rocked. 8 HR in 53 innings, 4.8 W/9, 13.1 K/9, 5.09 ERA…although my ERA+ was 108, so I guess I was pitching in some serious hitters’ leagues.

Despite my gruesome stats, my morale is ‘very high’. I guess a $6 million signing bonus helps ease the pain…

Jim Bouldin


As for me, I noticed that although I get a decent review on my player page, and shut em down pretty well in A ball this year, there’s not a single word regarding my development of a true (not “apparent”) rising fastball that defies commonly accepted laws of classical physics, and will undoubtedly change the game as we know it.

Very happy to have signed with the Brewers. Even lived next door to Appleton in Green Bay for a little more than a year just after I got out of college. Beautiful country. Too bad for them that they’re not going to be able to afford me a few years down the road. Already added another win to my 4 & 0 start, albeit in rather ugly fashion- not often you give up a run an inning an come away a winner. And my agent, Scott Boras, was most excited to hear that my potential stuff jumped to the top… Read more »

Looks like I’m being moved to RF — 7 errors there but good range. Apparently I’m not too pissed about going to the Marlins from St. Louis, but then again, I’ve always said I was a bi-coastal kind of guy…


Morale: Angry

I’d be angry too if I had a .360 BABIP! Come on, defense, cut me a few breaks!

Not that I’m helping my defense much with that awful BB/9. I really need to spend the offseason honing my control, instead of clubbing in Miami and chowing on Cuban sandwiches.


didn’t notice before – My greed is normal. Normal! first time anybody’s ever accused me of being normal …..


I can’t wait for this to start picking up so that the HHS fandom has something to argue about and players to cheer for. Early on, I’m rooting for:

Gomez (undrafted guy plays across 4 levels and is ‘angry’, what’s not to love?)
Robataille (love that versatility!)
Tarwerdi (in this group of all-stars, a happy underdog story so far)

and for pitchers, I’ll back

Ensrud (well, mostly because I like Hartvig as a poster, but he looks like a promising prospect)
Chevrolet (for the great name alone)


I’m just excited that the psychological profile of my virtual other looks like it will give me a chance to channel a little youthful braggadocio and conceit.

My real self thinks my virtual self might just be heading for a bit of a comeuppance however.

The virtual spirits of e-baseball have ways of keeping you humble.


I’m apparently David Robertson Jr. Seriously!


Damn right I’m angry! The Yankees had the gall to waive me — ME, the slowest middle infielder of all time! I’m also angry because my local popularity is “insignificant.” At least the Zephyrs have better clubhouse snacks for me to eat all of while I’m counting and recounting my $2.09M signing bonus.


Besides, it’s not like the Yankees have any players of note at 2B. I mean, please.