This Circle of Greats (COG) vote is not to induct anyone into the Circle, but only to select two players who will be restored back on to the main ballot after having been previously been dropped from eligibility.  This third “redemption round” (we also held such rounds after the 1960 and 1950 rounds of voting) gives voters a chance to reconsider past candidates that have been rejected.  Rules and lists are after the jump.

In this round you may include on your three-man ballot any player who was born between 1940 and 1968 and has neither been elected to the Circle of Greats nor is currently ballot-eligible in the regular COG voting.  As usual, you must vote for three and only three  to cast a qualifying ballot.  The two guys who appear on the most ballots will be restored to eligibility for the next regular, induction round of of COG voting.  If your personal favorite doesn’t come in the top two this time, do not despair — he will have other chances in future redemption rounds, which are currently scheduled to be held once after every decade’s worth of regular induction rounds (after the 1930 round, the 1920 round, etc.) .

The lists of hitters and pitchers below show, in alphabetical order, the 18 hitters and 15 pitchers who have received at least three COG votes but have neither been inducted nor are on the current ballot.  The numbers in parentheses are the number of votes the player received during regular COG balloting rounds.  The names on these lists are only suggestions, they are not intended to be limiting: to repeat, you can vote for whoever you want among those born from 1940 through 1968 as long as they are not already in the COG or already on the regular ballot.

Position players born 1940-1968 who have received at least three votes in past regular COG voting (but are not currently eligible for the regular COG balloting and are not COG inductees):

Buddy Bell (3)
Andre Dawson (5)
Darrell Evans (3)
Dwight Evans (19)
Bill Freehan (3)
Keith Hernandez (3)
Jeff Kent (10)
Don Mattingly (12)
Fred McGriff (13)
Dale Murphy (6)
Graig Nettles (10)
Kirby Puckett (3)
Willie Randolph (4)
Ted Simmons (12)
Reggie Smith (4)
Gene Tenace (4)
Dave Winfield (53)
Jim Wynn (4)

Pitchers born 1940-1968 who have received at least three  votes in regular COG voting (but are not currently eligible for the regular COG balloting and are not COG inductees):  

Kevin Brown (31)
Dennis Eckersley (9)
Rollie Fingers (3)
John Franco (3)
Rich Gossage (13)
Ron Guidry (3)
Trevor Hoffman (6)
Catfish Hunter (3)
Bill Lee (3)
Mickey Lolich (3)
Dan Quisenberry (4)
Rick Reuschel (23)
Dave Stieb (8)
Don Sutton (11)
Wilbur Wood (4)

The deadline to cast your ballots in this redemption round is Friday night, November 29 at 11PM EST.  You can change your votes until 11PM EDT on Wednesday night, November 27.  You can keep track of the vote tally in this redemption round here:COG Redemption Round 3 Vote Tally.

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