In an article in this past Saturday’s New York Times, Tyler Kepner mentioned that Seattle is the only current major league city that has not hosted a World Series game.  One might get technical and argue that the city of Miami, where the Marlins now play, has also  never hosted a Series game, because all of the Marlins’ World Series home games to date have been played in their old park located in the suburban community of  Miami Gardens.  Yes, yes, we know what Tyler meant.  But the reference sent me back to look at which cities have hosted now many World Series games over the years.  The table after the jump lists all 28 cities or towns that have been the location of at least one World Series game.  A few of notes before the full table:

— Why are there 28 cities and towns listed, when there are 30 current franchises and we started from the premise that only Seattle should be missing?  The state of Minnesota is represented twice here, having hosted World Series games in both Bloomington in 1965 and in Minneapolis in 1987 and 1991.  So the Twins make up for Seattle’s absence, which would make 30.  But the Mets and Yankees are jointly represented on the list by New York City and the Cubs and White Sox by Chicago, so that gets us down to 28 World Series host cities or towns.

— New York City has, obviously, hosted by far the most World Series games of any city.  NYC is divided into five boroughs, four of which have hosted World Series Games:  the Bronx (103 games, 66 home team wins), Manhattan (47 games, 22 home team wins), Brooklyn (28 games, 14 home team wins) and Queens (13 games, 8 home team wins).

— All together there have been 634 World Series games.  349 have been won by the home team, 282 by the visiting team and there have been three World Series games that ended in a tie.  Home teams thus have a .553 winning percentage in World Series games. That’s a bit higher than the .541 winning percentage that regular season home teams have achieved as a whole in the majors since 1916.

–97 World Series games have been played in which the visiting team and the home team were based in the same city: 44 between the Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers, 36 between the Yankees and New York Giants, 6 between the Cubs and White Sox, 6 between the Cardinals and St. Louis Browns, and 5 between the Yankees and Mets.   All the 1921, 1922 and 1944 World Series games were played in one park, the home field for both teams.  For these games, the “home team” as referred to in this post is simply the team that batted last in each inning.

CityWorld Series GamesHome Team Wins
New York191110
St. Lous6232
Los Angeles2316
San Francisco138
Washington, D.C.106
Miami Gardens74
Kansas City74
Arlington, Texas63
Bloomington, Minnesota43
San Diego41
St. Petersburg, Florida21

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