It’s not a particularly well-known record, but Lou Gehrig’s 14 home runs against the Cleveland Indians in 1936 is the most by a major leaguer against one opposing team during a regular season.  Baseball-reference’s Play Index (PI) shows only four times that a player has managed 13 homers in a regular season against one team: Jimmie Foxx against the Tigers in 1932, Hank Sauer against the Pirates in 1954, Joe Adcock against the Dodgers in 1956 and Roger Maris against the White Sox in his historic 1961 season.

Using the PI, I also found 13 seasons in which a player hit 12 homers against one opposing team, so that’s a total of 18 seasons in which a hitter slugged 12 or more home runs off of one team.  A table listing all 18 of those seasons is after the jump.  For each season, the table shows the year, the hitter, the opponent, and the number of homers, games played and plate appearances the player had against that opponent during that season.

One thing you’ll notice in the table below is that Babe Ruth never had 12 or more homers in a season against a single opponent.  Neither did Barry Bonds.  Or Hank Aaron.  However, Lou Gehrig and Willie Mays accomplished the feat three times each.  Although there are eighteen seasons in total in which a player hit a dozen or more homers off of one opponent, seventeen of those eighteen seasons fall within the period 1931 through 1961.  Sammy Sosa’s 1998, with twelve homers off of the Brewers, represents the only season in the past 52 years in which a player hit 12 or more homers off of one opponent.

YearFirst NameLast NameOpponentHomersGames vs. OpponentPAs vs. Opponent
1934LouGehrigWhite Sox1222103
1949TedWilliamsWhite Sox1222106
1957RoySieversWhite Sox122298
1961RogerMarisWhite Sox131877

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