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    Andy says:

    This should be resolved now. Drop me an email if you’re still having problems.

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    Mike L says:

    Does this mean I can make snarky comments about the Red Sox and no one will notice? I like it.

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    Hartvig says:

    Thank goodness. I looked on the site last night and no one had made a comment in over 24 hours.

    I thought maybe the world had ended and everyone forgot to tell me.

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    Darien says:

    Is the problem with comments that mine are terrible? Because I don’t see a resolution on the horizon.

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    mosc says:

    I have a comment: Nelson Cruz is getting fair market value and I could not have seen that coming!

    Cruz is a 33yo right handed power hitter with a big park adjustment and a decent batting average. He also has only a modest platoon split. In other words, $$$

    But for some crazy reason baseball people seem to have noticed that all is not what it seems. Cruz was convicted of PED’s and has a career pattern of somebody who just couldn’t figure out MLB pitching and then magically “got it” later on in their career. Cruz’s age 24-26 slash line: .231/.282/.385/.666 in 478 PA’s. The second house of cards is his home/road splits are one of the most extreme in all of baseball:
    On top of that he’s not shown the speed part of his game in some years and likely to get slower. Oh, and he’s also one of the worst fielding guys in the league.

    So amazingly he DID NOT get a $50m deal, I can’t believe it.

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