Most Homers For a World Series Winner

The latest new toy from Baseball-Reference’s Play Index is the ability to condition a search to include only World Series-winning, or pennant-winning, or post-season-participating, teams.  After the jump, a first shot at a very simple search with the new capability. 

Most Regular Season Homers for a Team that Went on to Win the World Series:
61 Roger Maris (1961)
60 Babe Ruth (1927)
57 Luis Gonzalez (2001)
54 Babe Ruth (1928) and Mickey Mantle (1961)
52 Mickey Mantle (1956)
49 Frank Robinson (1966), Albert Pujols (2006) and Lou Gehrig (1936)
48 Mike Schmidt (1980), Willie Stargell (1971) and Ryan Howard (2008)

3 thoughts on “Most Homers For a World Series Winner

  1. 1
    AlbaNate says:

    Where do you find this criteria? How did you do this?

    • 2
      Richard Chester says:

      I used the Batting Game Finder. Click on most Matching Games in a Season, Team Success Won WS, and set HR equal to or greater than 1. Then click Get Report and then sort the results sheet by HR.

      • 3
        birtelcom says:

        That’s the way to do it right now. I assume that the new criteria will be available shortly in the Season Finders as well as the Game Finders, which will make this sort of search easier and more flexible.

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