Today is Pi Day, March 14, 3/14, which seems to have become a thing.  It ‘s kind of odd, really, to rely on a simple three-digit calendar designation to commemorate a mathematical phenomenon the most intriguing aspect of which is its status as an irrational number.  But, hey, any occasion that celebrates two of my favorite things, numbers and bakery products, is OK with me.

Pi taken out to the fifth decimal place is 3.14159.
Joey Votto’s current career batting average taken out to the  seventh decimal place is .3141509.   Joey wins this year’s Archimedes Closest to Pi award.

Other baseball 314’s are after the jump.

–Cecil Travis and Bibb Falk each ended up with a .314 career batting average and at least 5,000 career PAs

–Those with .314 career on base percentages and at least 5,000 PAs: Don Kessinger, Roy McMillan, Terry Kennedy, John Montgomery (“Monte”) Ward, Dots Miller, Mookie Wilson,

–Having a .314 career slugging percentage and at least 5,000 PAs: Otis Nixon, Miller Huggins and Jimmy Austin

–Reggie Smith had 314 career regular season homers; Torii Hunter is currently at 314 career regular season homers.

–3.14 career ERAs, minimum 1,000 IP: Mike Cuellar, Tug McGraw, Mike Marshall, Leon Cadore, Bert Gallia.

–Gaylord Perry had 314 career regular season Wins.

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