These batters are connected by dint of a certain career batting accomplishment that only they have achieved since 1946. What is it?

  1. Joe Medwick
  2. Bob Elliott
  3. Del Ennis
  4. Stan Musial
  5. Joe Adcock
  6. Dick Groat
  7. Hank Aaron
  8. Dave Winfield
  9. Eddie Murray

Hint: Derek Jeter could be the next player to make this list.

Congratulations to RJ! He correctly identified that these are the only players since 1946 who were active leaders in career GIDP without leading the majors in that category in any season. More after the jump.

Since GIDP were consistently recorded starting in 1933, these are the active career leaders in GIDP, showing also when each was the seasonal major-league leader.

Career Season
Ernie Lombardi 1933-47 1933-34, 1938
Joe Medwick 1948 none
Bobby Doerr 1949-51 1947, 1949
Bob Elliott 1952-53 none
Sid Gordon 1954-55 1951
George Kell 1956 1944
Del Ennis 1957-58 none
Stan Musial 1959-63 none
Joe Adcock 1964-66 none
Dick Groat 1967 none
Hank Aaron 1968-76 none
Brooks Robinson 1977 1961
Carl Yastrzemski 1978-83 1962, 1964
Rusty Staub 1984-85 1977
Ted Simmons 1986 1973
Jim Rice 1987-89 1982-85
Dave Winfield 1990-95 none
Eddie Murray 1996-97 none
Cal Ripken 1998-2001 1996
Julio Franco 2002-07 1986, 1989
Ivan Rodriguez 2008-11 1999
Miguel Tejada 2012-13 2006, 2008-09

Derek Jeter, who has never had a season leading the majors in GIDP, currently ranks 3rd in career GIDP among active players, but is only 5 behind Miguel Tejada and only three behind previous seasonal leader Paul Konerko. If he stays healthy, I would expect Jeter to play considerably more than either of the players ahead of him, so he could well be on this list by season’s end.

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