Paul Goldschmidt had the longest active hitting streak in the majors going when the regular season ended last year. His streak stood at 19 games in a row with at least one hit.  In Australia, Goldy picked up right where he left off, getting not just one but two hits in each of the first two games of the 2014 season.  That brings his on-going hit streak to 21 games. More numbers inspired these facts are after the jump.

The longest hitting streaks to end 2013:
1. 19 games, by Paul Goldschmidt
T2. 14 games , by John Jay and Josh Hamilton
T4. 11 games, by Daniel Murphy and Jarod Saltalamacchia

The longest hitting streaks for the Arizona Diamondbacks:
1. 30 games, by Luis Gonzalez (1999)
2. 24 games, by Tony Womack (2000)
T3. 21 games, by Paul Goldschmidt (2013-14, active) and Danny Bautista (2004)
5. 19 games, by Matt Williams

The longest start-of-season streaks of at least two hits (database goes back to 1914):
8 games, by Barry Larkin (1990)
7 games, by Hank Aaron (1959), Bob Allison (1960) and Rick Burleson (1983)

Willie Bloomquist tied a Diamondback record in 2013 by getting at least two hits in his first four games of the season. Those games didn’t occur until June, but he was batting .611 after those first four games last year.  His batting average the rest of the way in 2013 was .273 (with a .632 OPS), but those first four games were enough to help his overall 2013 numbers look respectable. Willie’s back with the Mariners now. The Diamondbacks will just have to be content with Paul Goldschmidt for streak hitting.

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