Quick Quiz – SOLVED

Well, Doug posted a quiz about sluggers; here’s one where you won’t find any of those. What career accomplishment do these Live Ball era players have in common? (I hope I caught them all, but I’m not 100% sure, so I make no promises!) Lou BrockBert CampanerisBrett ButlerMichael BournTony WomackDave Collins

Quiz – Fire and Fizzle (solved)

For a quick diversion, here’s a list of ten notable starting pitchers of the modern era (since 1901). Which career accomplishment (min. 250 decisions) distinguishes these players among all retired pitchers of the modern era? Rk Player 1 James Shields 2 Kevin Tapani 3 Kevin Millwood 4 Earl Moore 5 Mike Flanagan 6 Rube Walberg […]

Quiz – Alpha Pitchers

Among all major league pitchers to play their entire careers since 1908, these hurlers alone enjoy the distinction of a certain career accomplishment. What is it? Rk Player 1 Guy Bush 2 Eddie Rommel 3 Syl Johnson 4 Al Brazle 5 Dick Drago 6 Dick Coffman 7 Miguel Batista Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index […]

Quiz – Crazy Eights

The players in this quiz have distinguished themselves by a certain in-season accomplishment that they alone have achieved since 1920. What is it? Rk Name 1 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. 2 Chris Coghlan 3 Dan Driessen 4 Rennie Stennett 5 Jack Saltzgaver 6 Harlin Pool 7 Ripper Collins 8 Babe Herman Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play […]

Quiz – Triple Threats

Just a few players in this quiz, with an unusual career distinction involving three counting stats. What is their unusual career accomplishment, and which active player may be the next to join this group? Rk Player 1 Edgar Martinez 2 Brian Giles 3 Norm Cash 4 Bob Johnson Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool […]

Quiz – Sesame Street Seasons

At first glance, this might seem like a random group of pitchers from the second half of the last century. But, they share a certain notable season accomplishment of which no other hurlers can boast. What is it? Brian Anderson Rolando Arrojo Roger Craig Dick Donovan Clay Kirby Dave Lemanczyk Tony Saunders Bill Stoneman Hint: […]

Quiz – Monster Mashers (stumped)

All of these players were noted sluggers. But, they alone share the distinction of a certain accomplishment to start their careers. What is it? Babe Ruth Ralph Kiner Harmon Killebrew Dave Kingman Juan Gonzalez Mark McGwire Mike Piazza Alex Rodriguez Ryan Howard Hint: one active player stands a good chance of joining this group Looks […]

Quiz – Don Baylor All-Stars

To honor the late AL All-Star and MVP, here’s a quiz identifying some of Baylor’s contemporaries, all of them All-Stars. This group also shares the distinction of being the only players to bat against a certain pair of pitchers, also both All-Stars. Who are those two moundsmen? 1. Ken Griffey, Sr. 2. George Brett 3. […]

Quiz – Run Wild, Run Free

The players in this quiz were all noted base thieves for at least part of their careers. But, what seasonal accomplishment distinguishes them from among all other players since 1901? Rk Name 1 Rickey Henderson 2 Vince Coleman 3 Willy Taveras 4 Marquis Grissom 5 Rudy Law 6 Tim Raines 7 Ron LeFlore 8 Willie […]