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Not Just Friends of Frisch – Part 2

Regular HHS contributor “no statistician but” (or nsb) continues his series examining where the Hall of Fame cutoff line really lies with his look at marginal HoF inductees. If you missed his Part 1 introduction, you can read it here. In Part 2, nsb looks at the positions of catcher and first basemen. More after the jump.

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Not Just Friends of Frisch – Part 1

Regular HHS contributor no statistician but (or nsb) has authored this series of posts on the Hall of Fame, and the perennial questions of which players are there who shouldn’t be, and which aren’t but should. Unlike some debates on this topic, though, nsb applies a metrics-based approach to this task, and invites you to do the same in contributing to the discussion. So, without further ado, here is nsb. Continue reading