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Rules Corner: Batter Interference

In Monday’s Angels-Blue Jays game, Toronto second baseman Devon Travis was called out for batter interference on this play. Travis swings and misses on what was apparently an intended hit-and-run, striking Angel catcher Martin Maldonado with his bat on his swing follow-though. Maldonado makes a throw that is high and too late to catch Jay third baseman Chris Coghlan advancing to second base. Home plate umpire Tony Basner applied rule 6.06 (c), calling Travis out for interference and sending Coghlan back to first base. The ruling was significant as, with nobody out, Toronto lost an out and a base in the 7th inning of a one-run game.

More on rule 6.06 (c) after the jump.

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High Heat Stats joins forces with Hero Habit!

In addition to keeping High Heat Stats up and running, some of us are also contributing content at Hero Habit ( now. You can find articles simillar to the ones that get posted here over on that site, such as an article by Ely about Scott Boras and the Nationals or a series of posts of some of my favorite baseball cards. Please check out the site and feel free to comment!

Website should be up and running again

Go ahead, post a comment here just to prove that you can!

I’ve been quite busy with my day job and unable to pay any attention to things here. Doug has done a good job of keeping me apprised and nudging me periodically to get things fixed. It appears something got corrupted in the old theme, and so switching over to a different theme has resolved the issue. I’m going to make some minimal changes to this new theme to make it prettier but do as little as possible to help ensure that it stays running smoothly and quickly.

Apologies for all the downtime.

Jays-Rays: “slip sliding away” or “breaking up (a double play) is hard to do”

The new “Chase Utley” slide rule was applied in Tuesday’s Jays-Rays game, and raised some immediate controversy, not least because the offending slide was among the most gentlemanly you’re likely to see in an attempt to break up a double play.

After the jump, it’s your turn to weigh in on the new rule.

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What’s new at High Heat Stats

Andy here with just a few quick updates.

  • I’m updating the theme–it may look a bit wonky for a couple of days, but I’ll get it all sorted out.
  • Importantly, it will continue to run fast and lean.
  • We are about to embark on another season of writing for USA Today Sports Weekly. I have a great group of writers, including a bunch of new folks. Ely will also be posting all the articles here on HHS, so you can just keep watching here to see them all.
  • We’ll also have new content coming to this site here, from both new authors and old.

UPDATE: congratulations to Doug, who has been promoted to HHS’ new Senior Baseball Writer. Many thanks to him for keeping the site alive for quite a while now.