Sixty feet six inches and the birth of relief pitching

This season marks 125 years since pitchers first launched their offerings from the current distance of 60½ feet from home plate. That’s 10½ feet or more than 20% further than before the 1893 season, a massive change that launched the 1890s “ultra-live ball” era but also introduced the more lasting change of pitchers who were used fairly frequently in relief roles. More after the jump. Continue reading

Circle of Greats 2018 Redemption Round

This Circle of Greats (COG) vote is not to induct anyone into the Circle. Instead, this round of voting will:
   – select three players who will be restored back to the main ballot after having been previously dropped from eligibility
   – select seven more players who will initially populate a secondary ballot to be used to supplement the primary COG ballot in future rounds of COG voting. Continue reading