Quiz – Who are we? (solved)

There are two players in this quiz with a lot of similarities in their careers. Your job is to figure out their identities based on these clues: We were both born in New York City. We both played over 200 games for teams in the same two cities. We both played over 200 games at […]

Quiz – Double Trouble

These sluggers were trouble for any pitcher. But, what seasonal accomplishment distinguishes them among all other power hitters? Rk Name 1 Barry Bonds 2 Babe Ruth 3 Ralph Kiner 4 Willie Mays 5 Eddie Mathews 6 Edwin Encarnacion 7 Rafael Palmeiro 8 Albert Belle 9 Willie McCovey 10 Harmon Killebrew 11 Roger Maris 12 Mickey […]

Quiz – New Breed Hitters

A breed of hitter now common in baseball had its origins among a few wartime players and started to become more common in the 1950s and 1960s. This quiz identifies these pioneers and asks what was the career accomplishment that only they achieved among players last active more than 50 years ago (in 1966 or […]

Quiz – Fantasy Fun

This odd assortment of players constitutes a most unusual fantasy team, one that most would take a pass on. On the single season team, there is strength on the mound and a few bats, but this outfit would most likely fail to score enough to win many games. The career team is home to the […]

Quiz: Who Am I ? (solved)

As we await this month’s HoF balloting, here’s a little diversion in a bit different format from most of my quizzes. ┬áHere are the clues: I pitched primarily in relief in a career of more than both 10 seasons and 500 innings I never pitched in the post-season, but was twice traded in mid-season from […]

Quiz – Milestone Makers

The players in this quiz turned in a variety of different seasons in 2016. Yet, among all players active last season, only our quiz players succeeded in reaching a certain statistical milestone. What is it? Rk Player 1 Ian Kinsler 2 Brandon Phillips 3 Joe Mauer 4 Curtis Granderson 5 Hanley Ramirez 6 Nick Markakis […]

Quiz – Precocious Producers

The players in this quiz debuted with a bang, becoming the only expansion era players to start a career with a certain seasonal accomplishment that involves the sum of two hundred and a ratio of two out of three. What is this unusual batting feat? Rk Player 1 Albert Pujols 2 Dan Uggla 3 Rocco […]

Quiz – HOF Sluggers … and some other guys (solved)

What do three HOFers have in common with several other less celebrated players? In fact, all of them share the distinction of a certain seasonal batting accomplishment of which no others can boast. What is it? Congratulations to Voomo Zanzibar!┬áHe knew that these players have hit the most home runs in a season from each […]

Quiz – Baseball Match Game (solved)

This quiz is about players with a connection to another player. There are two lists of players with each player in the first list matching a player in the second. Your job is to figure out the connection. Congratulations to No Statistician But! He knew that the matching players were teammates in a season when […]