Quiz – Tough Luck Sluggers (solved)

In last weekend’s showdown series with Toronto, the Yankees’ Brett Gardner became the first player of this century to record an unusual game feat. In so doing, he joined 10 others with the same feat since 1914. What is this unusual batting accomplishment?

Rk Player
1 Brett Gardner
2 Mark McGwire
3 Mike Stanley
4 Kal Daniels
5 Bob Horner
6 Gary Roenicke
7 Frank Thomas
8 Roy Sievers
9 Bob Cerv
10 Johnny Mize
11 Jimmie Foxx
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Generated 9/16/2015.

There was no fooling Yankee aficionado Richard Chester. He knew that Gardner is the latest player to lose a 9 inning contest at home despite a monster game with 6 or more RBI on 2 or more home runs, no other hits and no strikeouts. More after the jump.

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David Price and winning 100 games before age 30

On September 5th, David Price notched the 100th win of his career against Baltimore. Nine days earlier, Yovanni Gallardo had done the same against Toronto (one of the few pitchers to beat the Blue Jays last month). Those two followed Clayton Kershaw, who collected his century win against Colorado on May 15th. What else do these three have in common? All have yet to embark on their age 30 season, making them the latest of just 92 pitchers to win 100 games since 1961 and do so before their age 30 season. More after the jump.

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COG Round 103-105 Results: Collins on Big Train to Georgia

I’ve fallen behind on the posts for our COG election winners, so here’s a recap post on the most recent inductees: Eddie Collins, Walter Johnson and Ty Cobb. All were deservedly no-doubters as COG honorees, so much so that Grover Cleveland Alexander, another most worthy candidate, is still waiting his turn. More on this illustrious trio after the jump.

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COG Round 102 Results: Voters Shout for Speaker

Hall of Fame outfielder Tris Speaker earns induction to the COG as an easy first ballot winner in the 102nd round of COG balloting. The all-time doubles king, Speaker compiled a remarkable 133.7 WAR over 22 seasons, including 15 straight campaigns (1909-23) above 5 WAR. Speaker’s career milestones exceeding 3000 hits, 1500 runs, 1500 RBI and 400 stolen bases have been matched by only one other player – his exact contemporary Ty Cobb.

More on Speaker after the jump.

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Quiz – “10-40, Good Buddy” (solved)

All of these pitchers had a career winning record with 100 ERA+, all played in the American League, and all but three played for the Yankees. But, what distinguishes these pitchers among all others since 1914?

Congratulations to Richard Chester! He knew that these ten pitchers were the fastest to win 40 starts from the beginning of their careers. Specifically, they are the only pitchers since 1914 to do so within their first 75 games.

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