Will Tulo Stay an All-Star in His Early 30s?

The Rockies still want a bonanza in return for Troy Tulowitzki. Now 30, he’s under contract for six more years at $20 million per, and he had hip surgery in August. When healthy, Tulo is a premier talent, earning his salary and then some. But he’s been hurt a lot: In eight years since becoming a regular (age 22-29), Tulo averaged 117 games, missing 28% of the schedule to injury.



Circle of Greats: Redemption Round #7

This Circle of Greats (COG) vote is not to induct anyone into the Circle, but only to select two players who will be restored back on to the main ballot after having been previously been dropped from eligibility.  This seventh “redemption round” (we’ve been holding such redemption votes interspersed among the regular voting rounds every tenth voting round or so) gives voters a chance to reconsider past candidates who have previously fallen off the regular induction ballots...


Circle of Greats Round 79 Results: The COG’s a Go/For Lou Boudreau

The last time the Cleveland Indians won a World Series, their shortstop, Lou Boudreau, was both the indisputable MVP of the league as well as the team’s manager. Boudreau has come very close to COG induction in the past, and this vote was in doubt until the last day of balloting. But in the end it was indeed Boudreau who earned induction as the 79th member of the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. More on Lou...


Atlanta Braves Mount Rushmore Runoff Election

The Mount Rushmore election for the Atlanta Braves closed yesterday (Dec 17th) with Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn and Chipper Jones taking the top 3 spots. But, Eddie Mathews and Greg Maddux finished tied for the fourth and final Mount Rushmore spot.

This run-off election will decide the fourth player on the Braves’ Mount Rushmore. To participate, please cast one vote for either candidate. The election closes at midnight (24:00) Pacific time on Mon...


COG 1909 Results Report: We’re Feelin’ Ott Ott Ott!

Ott Ott Ott!

Mel Ott’s great years were before World War II; he died as a relatively young man almost sixty years ago; his franchise left New York, where he played his whole career, before most current fans were born; and his career total of 511 homers no longer seems as stupendous as it once did. All these factors mean he may not be remembered by casual fans (other than crossword puzzle aficionados) as much as other ballplayers of comparable stature...