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Thus far in 2014, the recent  trend towards lower scoring continues. That trend is now more than 15 years in the making and has resulted in another, that of a higher incidence of shutouts (at least those of the team variety). So far in 2014, more than 15% of games have resulted in a goose egg for the losers, a proportion not seen since 1981, and not seen in a full-length season since 1976.

After the jump, more on declining offense and why it’s been happening.

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Jumping in with Two Feats

@Giants 4, Padres 0 — With his second complete game in the last three seasons, Tim Lincecum became the 23rd* pitcher since 1914 with two or more no-hitters, and the first with two against one opponent. (One guy double-dipped before the searchable era.) Lincecum walked only one, despite just 12 first-pitch strikes out of 28 batters.

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Yesterday, an HHS reader asked Andy this question:

“Is it possible to determine the greatest triples hitter in history, factoring in era/park, etc.? Wild guess is Willie Wilson.”

Andy passed it on to me, and because the reader is Josh Wilker, author of Cardboard Gods, perhaps my favorite baseball book of the last decade, I thought I’d take a stab at answering the question.  With an assist from @Braves_Paul, I attempted to create Triples+, a metric comparing a player’s seasonal triples total to the league average and adjusting for park factors.

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Tuesday Tidbits & Monday Morsels

@Cubs 7, Reds 3 — Jake Arrieta’s six perfect innings ended when he just missed gloving Billy Hamilton’s grounder. Two hits with two outs halved his 4-0 lead, but Arrieta rose to the challenge with his 9th strikeout, getting Ryan Ludwick as the tying run. Rick Renteria ran through four arms in five batters to hold Cincy at bay in the 8th, and Joey Votto’s whiff of leather widened the lead. Anthony Rizzo’s 3 hits and 17th home run led Chicago, which got just three other knocks.

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Circle of Greats: 1921 Balloting

This post is for voting and discussion in the 62nd round of balloting for the Circle of Greats (COG). This round adds to the ballot those players born in 1921.  Rules and lists are after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

COG Round 61 Results: Sandy Sure, But No Big Wave

The right time, the right place and the left arm combined to place Sandy Koufax among the most famous and popular baseball players ever. High Heat Stats voters were a bit skeptical, but he’s now been elected, in his 19th round on the ballot, as the 61st inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. More on Sandy and the voting, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Quiz – Penultimate Pitchers (solved)

The players in this quiz are the only live ball era pitchers with an unusual game accomplishment. What is it?

Congratulations to RJ! He knew that these pitchers didn’t finish their careers until after they had stroked their first career extra-base hit, at age 40 or older. Those career first games are after the jump.

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Sunday Game Notes (June 22)

Red Sox 7, @Athletics 6 (10 inn.) — As I said, Jon Lester is off to his best start ever. Clearly. (Now, pardon me while I bow towards Buster Olney.)

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Game Notes from Friday: Ozuna’s ‘Walk-Off’ Dart

Some called it “Comeback Friday” — but the best dramatic finish was a rally that fell short.

@Marlins 3, Mets 2 — Voice of the Marlins on Marcell Ozuna’s late heroics: “The best arm out of the bullpen tonight was the left fielder!” Twice in the last two innings, Ozuna nailed the would-be tying run at home with pegs as pretty as a picture.

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Game Notes from Wednesday, 6/18: Kershaw Gets His

@Dodgers 8, Rockies 0 — Clayton Kershaw had all his breaking pitches dancing to their master’s tune. The perfecto died on Hanley’s throwing error in the 7th, but two whiffs and a nice play by Miguel Rojas, deep behind third base, kept the no-no going. Two more strikeouts in the 8th made fourteen, a new career high, and seven of the last ten Rockies.

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