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COG Round 60 Results: Voters Don’t Let Their Gar Down

Way back in the 13th round of the Circle of Greats voting, Edgar Martinez appeared on only 9.9% of the ballots cast, dropping off the ballot. But shortly thereafter he received the most support in our Redemption Round #2 (one vote more than Kenny Lofton), allowing him to return to the main ballot. Now, 38 rounds on that main ballot later, Martinez becomes our first candidate to be inducted after having earlier fallen off the main ballot, and overall becomes the 60th inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. More on Gar and the voting after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Game Notes plays catch-up, backwards from Wed. 6/11

Twins 7, @Blue Jays 2 — The new, improved Phil Hughes passed a big test with top marks. Against the sluggin’est squad, in this year’s best home-run venue, Hughes stared down his long-ball demons and never blinked, earning his first win in Toronto since 2011; 7.77 ERA in 5 starts there the past two years.

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Yankee Blues: when money can’t buy success

The New York Yankees’ proud tradition of excellence has been preserved in this century only at great cost and with decidedly mixed results. Since closing out the last century with 4 WS titles in a 5 year span, New York has had to settle for just three AL titles and one WS crown in the 13 years since. A windfall for some franchises, but not for the Yankees.

As they did last year, the Yankees are again significantly outperforming their Pythagorean projection, a feat of legerdemain that can seldom be preserved for extended periods. It’s likely that the Yankee players will need to perform much better the rest of the way if New York is to avoid its first losing season since 1992. After the jump, more on what ails the Bombers.

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Chisenhall-of-Fame Game

Lonnie Chisenhall was already hitting out of his mind, so what do we call Monday’s rampage? Five for five, spiking his season average to .385, with 3 HRs, 9 RBI, and a double that one-hopped the wall. His 15 total bases are one shy of Rocky Colavito’s team record, in their only 4-HR game. Pat Seerey, Bobby Avila and Ellis Burks also had 15 TB for Cleveland.

It’s the 34th game with at least 9 RBI since 1914. No player has done it twice. Some notes on those games:

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Quiz – Opportunity Knocks (solved)

The players in this quiz are distinguished by a single-game batting feat that only they have accomplished in regular season play since 1914. What is it?

Hint: there are four criteria that describe this batting feat, three of which were achieved by a player in one of Sunday’s games, an occurrence that John Autin remarked on in his Game Notes post.

Congratulations to Richard Chester (with a big assist from The Goof)! Richard identified that the quiz players found opportunity to drive in runs even when the box score would suggest otherwise. In particular, they are the only infielders (incl. catchers) with a game like David Freese‘s on Sunday of 4+ PA and zero AB but, unlike Freese, also with 2+ RBI. Those games are after the jump.

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Game Notes: Sunday Drives

Astros 14, @Twins 5 — Houston pulled away with two late grand slams, career firsts by Chris Carter and Jon Singleton, plus George Springer’s 12th homer. Collin McHugh was staked to a 5-0 lead, but his wildness kept him from getting through five and cost him a win.

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Game notes from Saturday, June 7

(I need a gimmick, so I’m only doing games with at least one team over .500.)

Cardinals 5, @Blue Jays 0 — Shelby Miller took a no-no to the 6th and finished off a 3-hitter, and Randall Grichuk’s maiden homer broke a scoreless tie in the 5th to hang a tough loss on Mark Buehrle.

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MLB 2014: Parity, Parody; Paradox, Paradise?

Yes, it’s been quite a parrot-y season so far, but that’s not what we had in mind….

If you haven’t been numbed yet by the level of parity in major league baseball so far, here are more measures to glaze your glazzies. Through Thursday, June 5:

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Circle of Greats 1922 Part 1 Balloting

This post is for voting and discussion in the 60th round of balloting for the Circle of Greats (COG).  This round begins to add those players born in 1922.  Rules and lists are after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

After barely being nosed out by John Smoltz in the 1924 round voting, Duke Snider appeared on eight more ballots than last round, a level of support that proved more than enough to become the 59th inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. More on the Duke and the voting, after that ever-present jump. Read the rest of this entry

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