Circle of Great 1917 Results: The Most Happy Feller

Bob Feller had a quick impact on professional baseball: major leaguer at 17, star by 19, superstar by 21. He had a quick impact on our voting as well, appearing on nearly 60% of the ballots in his first round and now on over 70% of the ballots. This time it was enough to get him elected, by a wide margin, as the 67th inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. Most Happy.

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Game notes from this week’s first half (ending 8/7)

Your narrator was overtaken by events, so here’s some scattered jottings. With apologies for any split infinitives…

@Mariners 4, Bravos 2 (Tues.) — Two M’s scored when Tommy La Stella dropped a two-out popup in the 4th, and one more right afterward, as Atlanta fell to King Felix and their cliff-dive reached seven games. But don’t you think Jason Heyward should have called him off? J-Hey was playing deep, but he closed quickly and was there in time. It’s one thing if the infielder is camped under it, but La Stella was weaving the whole way — a fact on which the A.P. story whiffed badly.

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COG 1918 Results: Voters in Concert — We’re the Grateful, Ted

Ted Williams’ transcendent performance as a hitter allowed him to lead this talent-laden ballot’s vote count from beginning to end. Ted becomes the 66th inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. The voting concluded with the Splendid Splinter having appeared on 69 ballots, breaking Greg Maddux’s record of 68 votes in a single COG round.  More on Ted and the voting after the jump. Continue reading

Game Notes, through Sunday, Aug. 3

One to chew on, then back to the series format:

Angels 5, @Rays 3 (Fri.) — An interesting exchange as the MLB Tonight crew watched Tampa load the bases with no outs in the 9th:

  • Greg Amsinger, with a doubtful tone on Huston Street: “In the postseason, strikeout stuff plays.
  • Harold Reynolds countered: “Strikeout stuff plays when they’re in a jam. But usually, they’re not in a jam.

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How the Tigers came to need David Price

Dave Dombrowski’s deal for David Price is getting good reviews. As a Tigers fan, I have mixed feelings. I think Price boosts our October chances for this year and next, compared to what they were the day before. But since the trade amounts to going “all-in” for those two years, I can’t help reflecting on how we got to this point — namely, these four Dombrowski decisions:

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