Quiz – Precocious Producers

The players in this quiz debuted with a bang, becoming the only expansion era players to start a career with a certain seasonal accomplishment that involves the sum of two hundred and a ratio of two out of three. What is this unusual batting feat?

Rk Player
1 Albert Pujols
2 Dan Uggla
3 Rocco Baldelli
4 Hideki Matsui
5 Wally Joyner
6 Marty Cordova
7 Carl Yastrzemski
8 Ichiro Suzuki
9 Eric Hinske
10 Bryce Harper
11 Kris Bryant

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Generated 11/15/2016.

The solution is that only these expansion era players debuted with a season of 200 Times on Base (TOB) measured as the sum of Hits, Walks and Times-Hit-By-Pitch, and recorded a ratio of two Runs Produced (R + RBI – HR) per three TOB. Here is how the eleven quiz players stack up with all such major league debuts since 1901.