High Heat Stats is dedicated to baseball and baseball stats. We evolved from the Baseball-Reference.com Blog, with some writers coming over when that blog was closed. We endeavor to incite discussion and learning about the game we all love–baseball.

High Heat Stats personnel:

Andy (Editor-in-chief) was the primary author of the Baseball-Reference.com blog for its entire run from 2007 to 2011. He has written about baseball in the New York Times and the USA Today Baseball Special and has contributed to the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. Andy is the founder and owner of High Heat Stats. (Twitter: @HighHeatStats)

John Autin (Senior baseball writer) was a Baseball-Reference.com blog contributor and has been with High Heat Stats since its launch in 2011.

Raphy (Emeritus baseball writer) was a Baseball-Reference.com contributor, original writer on High Heat Stats, and is now enjoying retirement.

Doug is a Canadian who works in IT and telecommunications, and lives with his wife and son in Vancouver BC. His first memory of major league baseball was watching the 1969 World Series in his 5th grade school class. Doug was introduced to baseball statistical analysis with Bill James’ Abstracts in the 1980s.

birtelcom is a New Yorker whose real-world job involves the development of communications systems and other public infrastructure.  His involvement with baseball statistics dates back to a childhood  with the 1960s dice and cards table game “Challenge the Yankees” in which he was always the challenger, never the Yankees, and usually the loser.

Adam Darowski, a Massachusetts native, has been writing for High Heat Stats since the summer of 2012. Adam is interested in baseball history from a statistical perspective. A web designer and developer by day, he merged all of his interests when building the Hall of Stats—an alternate Hall of Fame populated by a mathematical formula. Adam tweets about baseball at @baseballtwit and everything else at @adarowski.

Ashley: After a promising career in intramural slow-pitch softball tanked, Ashley refocused her energy on becoming a freelance sportswriter. You can find her bemoaning the Mariners on Needle Ball and SoDo Mojo, chronicling the Giants’ run to their next World Series on Around the Foghorn, and complaining about her fantasy baseball teams on Twitter. (@wcoastfangirl)

Dalton Mack is a student in the Rutgers University Honors Program and has been a Tampa Bay Rays fan since November 1997, when he was reportedly ecstatic about the selection of Esteban Yan. Mack is a self-proclaimed intramural legend, distinguished by his 2012 Triple Crown season in coed softball. You can also catch him on the radio under the name “DM in the PM” playing a collection of indie rock and oldies on 90.3 FM “The Core.” (Twitter: @dmack1291)

Dan McCloskey grew up an hour and a half north of New York City, and has been obsessed with baseball as a player, fan, umpire and writer for as long as he can remember. His major areas of interests include the Hall of Fame, ballpark road trips and umpiring/rules of the game. He currently resides just south of Boston with his wife and son and, although he identifies as a baseball fan first, enjoys being a Yankees fan in enemy territory (except in 2004). He works as a Systems Librarian when not writing about baseball, and also writes about what music he’s currently listening to and his home brewing endeavors, among other subjects (including more baseball) at his
personal blog, Left Field. (Twitter: @LeftFieldDan)

Bryan O’Connor lives in South Portland, Maine, with his wife and two children.  Bryan is a follower of the Red Sox, a rabid fan of all 29 teams not owned by a Steinbrenner, and a disciple of Bill James.  Find more of Bryan’s work at replacementlevel.wordpress.com. (Twitter: @replevel)