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Mr. Clean Awards

Every year since 2008, 75% of relief appearances have been one inning or less. With that type of specialization, getting a clean appearance, or one without any charged runs, is the objective just about every time the manager goes to the bullpen. More on relief pitchers with the cleanest seasons is after the jump.

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Opposing Starting Pitchers Born on the Same Date

More frivolity to lighten the mid-winter blues. As there seemed to be some interest in my Christmas post on teams of players sharing a common birthday, I’ll add this little study to the mix.

A few years ago, regular contributor Richard Chester alerted me to a claim on Twitter to the effect that there had been only a very small number of occasions (I don’t recall the exact claim) when opposing starting pitchers had shared the same birth date, as in same birthday and same birth year. Richard and I quickly debunked that claim, identifying a considerably larger number of such games, which were the subject of a January 2016 Quiz post. I’ve expanded that study since then and added a bit of narrative on the protagonists. So, if you missed the quiz, here’s another chance to indulge in this bit of trivia.   Continue reading

What Might Have Been: Careers Cut Short by WWII – Part 3

In the third and final installment of this series, regular contributor No Statistician But (or nsb) takes a look at outfielders whose careers were most impacted by military service during World War II. As with Part 1 on pitchers and catchers, and Part 2 on infielders, nsb is focusing not on the famous players, but on lesser known talents who lost at least two years to wartime military service that began not later than age 30. More after the jump. Continue reading