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COG Round 12 Results: Boggs Down in History

Wade Boggs chickened out before every game, but not COG voters, who boldly voted Boggs into the Circle of Greats by a wide majority.  Boggs becomes the twelfth COG inductee. More on Wade and the voting after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Larry Walker and Responsible Park Factoring

Larry Walker

Larry Walker, courtesy of iccsports on Flickr.

This post was inspired by a comment by a HHS reader a few weeks back. Artie Z, talking about Larry Walker, said:

Walker wasn’t just posting a .300/.370/.500 line in Coors – it was a .381/.462/.710 line in Coors. That’s a higher batting average than Cobb and a higher slugging percentage than Ruth. I think the numbers are so disorienting that it makes people think that Rbat isn’t doing its job, but then when you (1) look at how Rbat adjusts other Coors hitters and (2) look at how much better Walker was than those other hitters (other than Helton) it makes a little more sense.

Now, when Rally’s WAR (which was the basis for Baseball-Reference’s WAR) originally was published, I was a bit surprised by Walker’s ranking. I knew he was great, but I think I just did what everybody else did and dismissed him as a legitimate Hall of Fame candidate based on his home park.

The more I’ve looked into his case, the more I realized he’s a Hall of Famer—and not just by a little bit. We now have the ability to adjust offensive numbers based on thier context (era, park, etc.). Even after adjusting Walker’s numbers, he’s Hall-worthy. Actually, if we didn’t adjust his numbers, he’d basically be Stan Musial. People are dismissing his numbers as being more like Dale Murphy. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between.

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Top Hit Streaks,Year-By-Year

Lou Gehrig’s tragically ironic consecutive-games-played-record was broken by the certainly great, but happily less biographicallly dramatic, Cal Ripken. The famous season and career home run records were broken in the steroids era. With those records now less hallowed, the single most memorable remaining baseball record is surely Joe DiMaggio’s streak of 56 consecutive games with at least one base hit, from mid-May to mid-July, 1941. Lots more on hitting streaks after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Net Assets: HHS Group For NCAA Tourney Brackets

One of the most prominent annual signs that baseball season is almost at hand is the onset of the NCAA college basketball tournament. If you would like to submit a bracket in a High Heat Stats group, I’ve set one up at Yahoo’s “Tourney Pick ‘Em” website.   Choose “Join a Group” and then enter Group ID# 79192 and password highheatstatspck.

John Hiller, ace reliever of the ’70s (part 2)

(Click here if you missed Part 1.)


“Justify my WAR”

How can we reconcile John Hiller‘s high WAR value — 4th among career relievers, #2 on the 3-year and 6-year lists — with his 125 career saves, the fewest by far of the top 16 in reliever WAR? Saves don’t factor into WAR, of course, but there is a correlation for the top closers. Out of 9 RPs with 15+ WAR who can match his WAR-to-IP ratio, 8 had more than twice his saves.

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Circle of Greats 1958 Ballot, Part 2

This post is for voting and discussion in the twelfth round of balloting for the Circle of Greats. This round adds those players born in 1958 who were not included in the first 1958 round. Rules and lists are after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

COG ’58 Results Part 1: Walkover for Man of Steal

Rickey Henderson, #1 in major league history in career runs scored and stolen bases, and #2 in walks, was a runaway winner in the most recent round of voting for the Circle of Greats. Henderson becomes the 11th inductee into the Circle.  More on Rickey and the voting will miraculously appear if you click on “Read the rest of this entry”. Read the rest of this entry

Rank this reliever

(I’ve been at this one a while, and it’s just too long — so here’s Part 1. Click here for Part 2.)

One name has been removed from these tables of relief WAR leaders. Most of you will twig it quickly, but let me be coy for now. Where would you rank this guy among the best relievers of all time? (All WAR figures are from Baseball-Reference, unless specified.) Read the rest of this entry

Padding the totals: highest percentage of low-leverage RBI

Here’s a very quick post that I still think you’ll find interesting. I found the top 100 players of all time in terms of RBI from low-leverage situations. Hank Aaron is #1, as you might expect, since he’s pretty much #1 in anything RBI-related. Then, I calculated the fraction those low-leverage RBI represented of their total career RBI. Let’s call this the “Alex Rodriguez RBI” stat, since he’s so often accused of driving in runs when they don’t really matter.

Click through for the large table of how these 100 guys stack up. Read the rest of this entry

Quiz – Love Conquers WAR (solved)

Below is a list of noteworthy players of the past half-century. Among all players to play their entire careers since 1961, what is the common trait shared only by these players?

Player Count HOF Teammates
Gaylord Perry 17 Willie Mays / Willie McCovey / Orlando Cepeda / Juan Marichal / Warren Spahn / Duke Snider / Dennis Eckersley / Frank Robinson / Bert Blyleven / Fergie Jenkins / Dave Winfield / Ozzie Smith / Rollie Fingers / Reggie Jackson / Rich Gossage / Phil Niekro / George Brett
Tony Perez 13 Frank Robinson / Johnny Bench / Joe Morgan / Gary Carter / Andre Dawson / Carl Yastrzemski / Jim Rice / Wade Boggs / Carlton Fisk / Dennis Eckersley / Mike Schmidt / Steve Carlton / Barry Larkin
Rich Gossage 12 Ron Santo / Willie Stargell / Dave Winfield / Reggie Jackson / Gaylord Perry / Catfish Hunter / Tony Gwynn / Ryne Sandberg / Andre Dawson / Rickey Henderson / Nolan Ryan / Dennis Eckersley
Dave Winfield 12 Ozzie Smith / Rollie Fingers / Gaylord Perry / Willie McCovey / Rickey Henderson / Reggie Jackson / Phil Niekro / Rich Gossage / Bert Blyleven / Roberto Alomar / Kirby Puckett / Eddie Murray
Steve Carlton 12 Lou Brock / Orlando Cepeda / Bob Gibson / Mike Schmidt / Joe Morgan / Tony Perez / Ryne Sandberg / Carlton Fisk / Tom Seaver / Phil Niekro / Kirby Puckett / Bert Blyleven
Dennis Eckersley 12 Frank Robinson / Gaylord Perry / Rickey Henderson / Carl Yastrzemski / Carlton Fisk / Wade Boggs / Tony Perez / Jim Rice / Ryne Sandberg / Rich Gossage / Ozzie Smith / Reggie Jackson
Don Sutton 12 Frank Robinson / Juan Marichal / Hoyt Wilhelm / Jim Bunning / Don Drysdale / Sandy Koufax / Nolan Ryan / Robin Yount / Paul Molitor / Rollie Fingers / Reggie Jackson / Rod Carew
Reggie Jackson 12 Rollie Fingers / Catfish Hunter / Billy Williams / Orlando Cepeda / Brooks Robinson / Jim Palmer / Dave Winfield / Rich Gossage / Gaylord Perry / Rod Carew / Don Sutton / Dennis Eckersley
Fergie Jenkins 11 Jim Bunning / Ron Santo / Billy Williams / Ernie Banks / Robin Roberts / Hoyt Wilhelm / Gaylord Perry / Carlton Fisk / Carl Yastrzemski / Jim Rice / Ryne Sandberg
Rollie Fingers 11 Reggie Jackson / Catfish Hunter / Billy Williams / Orlando Cepeda / Willie McCovey / Dave Winfield / Ozzie Smith / Gaylord Perry / Robin Yount / Paul Molitor / Don Sutton
Carlton Fisk 10 Carl Yastrzemski / Jim Rice / Juan Marichal / Orlando Cepeda / Luis Aparicio / Tony Perez / Dennis Eckersley / Fergie Jenkins / Tom Seaver / Steve Carlton
Joe Morgan 10 Nellie Fox / Eddie Mathews / Robin Roberts / Johnny Bench / Tony Perez / Tom Seaver / Nolan Ryan / Mike Schmidt / Steve Carlton / Rickey Henderson
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Generated 3/11/2013.

Hint: the common trait is a career “accomplishment”.

Congratulations to Ed and Birtelcom! They teamed up to identify these players as the HOFers to player their entire careers since 1961 and who played with 10 or more other HOF teammates. Tops on this list is Gaylord Perry with 17 HOF teammates, approaching half of the 41 HOFers from this period.

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