COG 1946 Round 1 Results: Voters Adopt Fisk-al Policy

This round provided a close battle between two born-in-1947 guys who were out-voted in the previous round by Johnny Bench.  In the end, it was another catcher, Carlton (Pudge) Fisk, who prevailed by just four votes over Nolan Ryan to become the 27th inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats.  This election also saw more voting participation (66 ballots cast) than in any round we’ve had since the opening week of the MLB season.  ...


Thursday game notes

@Tigers 7, Athletics 6 — If you must lose 3 out of 4 at home, this was the one to win — and this was the way to win it. In other news … as my dad used to say while theatrically throwing his hands up, “Oh, those bases on balls!”



Quiz – Pitching Potpourri (solved)

Here is an oddball assortment of pitchers, including a HOFer and an All-Star caliber pitcher, but mainly journeymen and the truly obscure. Yet, all of them share a common career accomplishment. What is the peculiar career feat that only these live-ball era (since 1920) pitchers can boast of?

 Player Eddie Rommel Dave Koslo Bill Swift Elam Vangilder Paul Hartzell Vito Tamulis Dizzy Dean Ralph Birkofer Rosy Ryan Provided by View Play Index Tool Used Generated 8/21/2013...

A New Twist On The Hall of Fame

Earlier today Dan posed a question on here asking people’s opinions on PED’s and the Hall of Fame. In his post he proposed the example of Rafael Palmeiro as a player with a Hall of Fame caliber career, but with a failed steroid test. In my response I said that it is irrelevant to me if a player used performance, but I would not vote for Palmeiro simply because I do not believe he was a good enough player...