Buc-ing a trend – the end of the streak

They teased us last year, but this time it’s finally going to happen. Yes, barring an almost complete collapse, the Pittsburgh Pirates will indeed break the longest streak of futility in the history of the majors. Twenty seasons of losing baseball are coming to an end in the Steel City, and it could be official as early as Labor Day.

The last Pirates team to win more than it lost was back in 1992...


The Yadier Molina Effect

“Yadi knows everything about every single hitter, exactly what to throw. If you execute your pitches and throw them where he wants the ball, you’re going to get hitters out, have a better ERA, win the game. I seriously believe that all the success I’ve had is totally on him.” – St. Louis Cardinals’ rookie Shelby Miller

“It’s not just instinct. It’s sense, based on how a hitter’s standing, how he responds to the pitch or two before...


Sorting Out the AL Cy Young Race

In many years there are no exciting award races. The MVP will be clear cut in both leagues. The Cy Young awards will be preordained. The Rookie of the Year winners will be decided by the time the Opening Day rosters are announced. Gladly 2013 is not one of those years. I would venture to say that none of the major awards have a guy whom should clearly take home the crown. Maybe you could make a case Kershaw has separated himself...


Finding the Outstanding Among the Unique

There has been a lot of excitement the past couple days over one of the most hyped and promising prospects in baseball being called up to the Majors. For those of you haven’t heard Boston Red Sox 20 year old shortstop Xander Bogaerts is making his MLB debut tonight. While perusing baseball reference yesterday I noticed that there had never been a Xander, nor a Bogaerts in history. This led me to ask who some other players of note there have been...


The Most Dismissed Ace in Baseball

As many of you may have noticed there has been a wealth of elite pitching talent in the league this year. Many wonderful starters are having seasons that will go down as historic. Only 3 qualified pitchers have had a higher strikeout per 9 higher than Yu Darvish is currently having this year(11.96). Max Scherzer has a sparkling 18-1 record. Felix is building upon his Hall of Fame career, with personal bests in strikeout percentage and walk percentage...