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This odd assortment of players constitutes a most unusual fantasy team, one that most would take a pass on. On the single season team, there is strength on the mound and a few bats, but this outfit would most likely fail to score enough to win many games. The career team is home to the truly obscure – only the pitchers on this team had even 100 career PA.

These teams, though, were not randomly chosen. Far from it. In fact, a very particular selection process was employed to choose this bunch from among all live ball era players. So, how were these fantasy teams chosen?

POS Single Season Career
C Larry Haney Les Fusselman
1B Lee May Alex Hernandez
2B Al Hermann Al Hermann
3B Aurelio Rodriguez Joe Moock
SS Craig Robinson Jerry Gil
LF Don Mueller Overton Tremper
CF Midre Cummings Victor Mata
RF Tuck Stainback Purnal Goldy
LHP Fernando Valenzuela Steve Cooke
RHP Gaylord Perry Tracy Stallard
DH Mickey Rivers Butch Alberts
PH Wally Shannon Mike Robertson

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Generated 02/06/2017.

Hint: the criteria for selection gets harder to achieve the more one plays; some players are disqualified after their first PA of the season.

5 thoughts on “Quiz – Fantasy Fun

    1. Doug Post author

      You’ve got it.

      These players had seasons or careers at the noted positions with the most plate appearances without a walk.

      Among active players and excluding pitchers, these are the longest streaks starting a season with a PA and no walks.

      Josh Donaldson (for one) has certainly learned to change his approach.


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