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World Series Game 7

Tonight, the Royals and Giants take the field for game 7, the 37th time the Fall Classic has had a winner-take-all final game. Home teams are riding a 9 game winning streak in game 7 that goes back to 1982. But, before that, it was a very different trend with the visitors posting a 13-3 game 7 record from 1952 to 1979. Overall, it’s a narrow 19-17 edge for home team in game 7.

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Quick notes on World Series Games 6 and 7

Game 6: @Royals 10, Giants 0 — Jake Peavy was on a very short leash, but it still proved too much rope.

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World Series Game 5 Notes: Bum Lugs Jints to the Brink

@Giants 5, Royals 0, Giants go up 3-2 — Madison Bumgarner’s eight strikeouts are fairly modest by today’s standards for an utterly dominant game. But he got them when they counted most:

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Quiz – what’s old is new again (solved)

What do a few modern pitchers have in common with several old-time hurlers? That’s for you to consider in Quiz #1 on this World Series off day.

Quiz #2 is entirely frivolous and inspired by the Fox network when they made mention that Game #4 was the first ever in a World Series with both starters having a surname starting with the letter V. Thus, your job in Quiz #2 is to determine the starting pitchers in a World Series game whose first and last initials can combine to form the words shown. Bolded and underlined words have more than one solution. How many other words can you come up with?

Rk Quiz #1 Quiz #2
1 Tim Lincecum JABS DARK DEAD
2 Clay Buchholz SEAS CARE PEAS
3 Dwight Gooden CRAB HEMP BASE
4 Dutch Leonard CLAN CREW DREW
5 Rube Foster CADS COPS DARN
7 Weldon Henley SHOD JELL ARMS
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Generated 10/27/2014.

Congratulations to John Autin on solving Quiz #1 and to several of our readers (particularly Luis Gomez, Steve, Scary Tuna and Richard Chester) on having some fun with Quiz #2. The answer to Quiz #1 was that only the quiz players authored a no-hit game for a pennant-winning team but failed to start a game in that year’s World Series. More after the jump.

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World Series Game 3 Notes: Royals Halfway Home

World Series, Game 3: Royals 3, @Giants 2 — Kansas City’s first run scored on a groundout. Typical, right?

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2014 World Series: Chatter Up!

Couldn’t quite pull together a WS preview, so I’ll offer this up as a chat space.

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Quiz – Sluggers (stumped, sort of)

There have been many prolific power hitters in baseball history, but only these eight have a particular career accomplishment. What is it?

Hint: the active players shown here are not in danger of dropping off this list by the time they retire.

This one stumped everyone but Sir Richard who elected to let others have a go. The answer is that only these players have multiple seasons of 40 doubles and 40 home runs. Those seasons are after the jump.

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Circle of Greats: 1911 Balloting

This post is for voting and discussion in the 75th round of balloting for the Circle of Greats (COG).  This round adds players born in 1911 to the list of eligible candidates. Rules and lists are after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Circle of Greats 1912 Results: Voters Say Arky Unlocks COG Door

For the second round in a row, Circle of Greats voters wasted no time inducting a player who the baseball writers voting on Hall of Fame candidates had egregiously overlooked. Following the example of Johnny Mize last round, Arky Vaughan had no problem gathering well more than enough support to become, in his first round of eligibility, the 74th inductee into the High Heat Stats Circle of Greats. More on Arkansas native Joseph Floyd Vaughan, and the voting, after the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Whiffing more and scoring less: how big is the impact?

On Wednesday’s NLCS game, Tom Verducci remarked on this factoid.

1 SFG 2014 5 4 1 Ind. Games 189 169 15 41 5 1 0 12 13 18 .243 .301 .284 .585 2 2
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Generated 10/16/2014.

Above is a list by team of the number of 2014 post-season games with 4 or fewer batting strikeouts. So, where is the rest of the list, you ask? Actually, that is the whole list. The Giants have had no more than 4 batting strikeouts in 5 of their 10 post-season games. The other 9 playoff teams – nada.

Verducci has expressed how impressed he is by the Giants’ ability to score without the need of a base hit, a knack he attributes to their low strikeout total. The rationale is that fewer strikeouts mean more balls in play, more pressure on the defense and, therefore, more runs scored. Is he right? Let’s find out.

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