Circle of Greats

HHS readers participated in elections for the “Circle of Greats”. A new player was elected each week from ballots including players born in a particular year plus players from earlier elections who had garnered enough support to remain on the ballot.

Balloting has concluded for the present time with 121 current members of the Circle of Greats, matching the number of players elected to the Hall of Fame players by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). Future Circle of Greats balloting will be conducted when the BBWAA elects additional players to the Hall of Fame in its annual voting each January.

Click here for a list of current members of the Circle of Greats and their career stats.

Click here for a list of previous Circle of Greats voting posts.

9 thoughts on “Circle of Greats

  1. tunatuna

    I just did a study using WAR / WAR 7 / and JAWS trying to determine the players at each position that I feel are getting hosed by the Hall of Fame. I looked at the top 15 all time at each category and which players made all 3 lists.

    In your Circle of Greats you have 8 of them Piazza -Bagwell- Grich – Trammel – E.Martinez- Raines- Lofton – Walker.

    Getting hosed and left out again – Munson and Simmons.

    1. Hub Kid

      Pedro won’t be eligible for COG voting until the round for the players born in 1971, scheduled for approximately January 2016; I’ve been waiting for that round for literally years!

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